Me Made May: 4/5 – 4/6


+Reminded of my vinegar concoction as I spashed some in the sink for cleaning. I have a jar of this going at all times. It’s very effective for cleaning and so simple to make! 


Note the reused olive jar as well. Most of my storage containers are “made” from reused food jars. Also note the felted wool coaster it is sitting on. Knit a square larger and looser than usual out of pure wool — throw it in the wash — ta da! I also use these as hot pads for getting hot things out of the oven, lifting hot lids off of pots, etc. Wool, the great insulator! 

+ I wore the skirt I made out of a dress today, with a simple fitted t-shirt, tights, clogs. Pretty much my signature look.


+Dinner was chicken, veggies, and rice cooked in chicken broth. I buy an organic whole chicken every few months. I poach it in the crock pot (put chicken seasoned with salt and pepper in crock pot, turn on, let it go for 6-7 hours depending on size of chicken. Moist, flavorful, plus drippings!) and we eat the meat in a variety of ways. Then I take the bones to my giant stock pot, add carrots, onions, celery (ideally! if I’m missing one I still make it), fill the pot with water, and let it simmer 4 hours. This flavorful broth of course makes the most delicious soups, but also flavors my rice, pasta dishes, etc. I freeze part of it in little half cup containers so I can pull out just enough for, say, a cup of rice.

+The napkins for dinner are wonderous knitted cloths! I use these things for everything in my household. I quickly went around my house and counted 14 of them  — and this doesn’t count the ones I have at work or that are in the laundry basket! I feel the urge to make a few more coming on! They are the perfect thing to knit as it gets warm and you don’t want to sit covered in wool.



+ One very large hole I’ve found in my makings is breakfast. I am not a first thing in the morning breakfast eater. I like to have a large cup of coffee (made at home, naturally!) and that’s it. Here is my Holy Trinity of coffee making:


Good beans in bulk, hand crank coffee grinder, and a french press. Amen!

The thing I want to improve, though, is that I get into work and around 10am I am STARVING. I keep Luna bars or Power bars in my desk drawer for this inevitable, every day occurrence, but I’d like to start making them instead. Less expense, less packaging, best ingredients! If any of you have a breakfast bar recipe that keeps well and is yummy, I’m all ears. Starting a home made portable breakfast is one of my goals for the month.

+ As I got out the milk for my coffee, I couldn’t help but look at all of the art on our refrigerator door. These are all drawings by me or photographs by my husband (one piece — a postcard by a student for her Illustration show — it’s an Emerson quote — be silly, be honest, be kind). Tiny magnets hold everything up. We change it up every once in awhile. I like having art EVERYWHERE! You can also see on the right side a little bit of photography background paper and a pile of gardening gloves, and to the left the stepping stool — maker households are not perfectly tidy!


+ Took the last home made bagel in for lunch with the last scrapings of green onion cream cheese. I was happy to have this with me, because I spent my lunch hour with my classmate going from store to store trying to find the right ribbon to use for our carousel books! After three stores, we finally found what both of us needed at Paper Source. I also purchased two dreamy sheets of paper hand made in India that I want to use for hand stitched books. There aer a lot of ah, “novelty” items in that store, but they have gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, unique sheets of hand made paper I can’t find anywhere else in Philadelphia!

+ Made Ruth Reichl’s Carbonara for dinner. My favorite grown up comfort food. Bacon and eggs and mac and cheese in one, only elegant. I first ran across this recipe in her book Garlic and Sapphires, which is one of my favorite books in the whole wide world. I can say this about all of her books I’ve read, actually 🙂 I love her blog. I have a mini-shrine of the Gourmet magazines whilst she was editor. 


  1. You could make a batch of homemade muesli and keep it in a jar at work and start the work day with a bowl of muesli. I’ll happily make you a breakfast bowl for the purpose 😉

    1. Do you eat your muesli with milk or yoghurt? If I have another thing to drag in with me I’m afraid I won’t do it (I already am toting so much). I also hate to leave perishables in my work refrigerator — we have people who help themselves.

      I wonder if I can make a muesli bar, tote them in once a week, and be done! Will work on it 🙂

      1. I don’t actually eat muesli due to a lethal nut allergy & a non-lethal issue with milk but I know that a lot of zero-waste foodies make their own muesli. I suspect you could make a granola bar but it may be a major sugar burst at the start of the day. A savoury seed loaf may be another option. The seeds will help keep it moist for several days. Or even a fruit bread with no added sugar.

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