Me Made May 4/7 – 4/12

Time has gotten away from me! As a peace offering, let me present to you something(s) that I made which I use every single day: my paper wallets and business card holder:


I’ve been using a vintage metal cigarette case for decades as my wallet, but the elastic is no longer elastic-y and falls out constantly. I decided to make these paper wallets to use until I could replace the elastic, but I like them so much I haven’t even looked for elastic yet!

I found the paper wallets on Angry Chicken. They were really fun and easy to fold.


Here is a great video showing you how to make them:

I used text weight paper (from French Paper Co.) and put stickers on them from Cavallini & Co. I’m so pleased by the way they have held up over the months — just paper! I think it’s because of the layers of paper through folding that gives the structure strength. I use one paper wallet for my ATM card, Whole Foods rewards card, Starbucks card (don’t judge! It was a gift!),  and paper money, and another for my health insurance cards and flexible spending account card.

I carry my business cards in a structure called a blizzard book.


We learned this structure in my Book Arts: Structures class so that we would have something to hold the one page books that we all made for each other in the first weeks of class. This structure is also really neat because it was invented by Hedi Kyle whilst she was a teacher here at the University I work at! My teacher was her student.

This was folded with Hahnemuhle Ingres paper. I’m a little obsessed with this paper — I’ve made two blizzard books and a carousel book with it. It is strong, folds like a dream, and has great texture. You can’t see it in my photo, but this particular paper has thin red and black fibers running through it. The ivory doesn’t — it’s just perfect and textured and ah!!!

There is another reason I love these paper wallets — it takes the stuffing out of the Expensive Designer Wallet syndrome I see all the time. A piece of paper to cover my little pieces of paper (and plastic). Money is not something to worship and I see no reason to enshrine it in a $500 “luxury” good.


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