Me Made May: 4/3 – 4/4

A quick log of the past two days!


+ I boiled and baked the bagels! I also made a quick topping for them –mix equal parts of dried minced onion, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. Then, add some flaky sea salt — just a little. Mmmmm.


+ I did tests for my final Book Arts: Structures project. I needed to choose ink colors for the text, and materials for the images, plus I needed to make sure that my mark-making did not show up on the other side of the paper. So important to do tests! I changed quite a few things about my project because of these tests! I also cut and folded my final structure, and it’s being pressed under 20934204 heavy books and a cinder block (!)


+ I worked on some cross-stitch. Cross-stitching is my Vailum. That repetitive stitching relaxes me so much!


I also made the little pin cushion I use for my needles a few years ago. How cute are those wee scissors? I got them for a holiday present last year from my boss!


+ More changes to my final project. We had some time to work on our project during class time, and I did some flower sketches and also changed some of where I’m putting the text in the innermost folds of the project. I also took in my tests to share with my class and got good feedback which helped me make final decisions on materials.

+ Sneezy pollen day! Thank goodness for hand embroidered and hand tea dyed handkerchiefs! I was especially happy to find this one that I made in my binocular bag — I thought I had lost it. So, I washed it nice and fresh and put it in my handbag.




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