Vim and Vinegar


I have already realized that I misinterpreted the Soap part of the rations! Not only do my 36 coupons need to purchase all of my toiletries for the year, but also all of my household cleaning supplies (as in laundry soap, dish soap, etc.). Suddenly, 36 soap coupons doesn’t seem as generous as it did before.

Luckily I have already made friends with Vinegar! I have a giant bulk jug of white vinegar and a large bottle of apple cider vinegar that I depend on not only for culinary uses, but cleaning and personal care. The photo above is of my citrus vinegar. I keep a carafe in the kitchen and one by my clothes washing machine. Whenever I use a lemon, lime, or orange, I stuff the skin in one of the carafes and make sure they are always topped off with vinegar. The resulting infusion smells bright and citrusy, and the citrus ups the cleaning power of the vinegar.

I splash some in a bucket of water to mop, use a fraction of the powder recommended for my dishwasher because I splash the dishes with my vinegar concoction first, use a quarter of the machine washing liquid because I put vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of the machine, clean my tub — you name it! Combine it with some baking soda, and you get “scrubbing bubbles” action! I love to use this to clean my teapot and cups every now and again — it gets rid of any stubborn staining. It’s also great to make sure you removed any lingering smell from a glass bottle or jar you plan to reuse.

I use apple cider vinegar on my hair. I have a big brown glass jar that used to contain vitamins, but now holds apple cider vinegar with lavender essential oil added. I could probably use only this to keep my hair clean, but I still have some shampoo and conditioner from before I got the idea to go No Poo. So, I alternate. It’s been working out wonderfully.  My hair is so much calmer and shinier! I’ve also heard that ACV makes a great skin toner. I will try that once I have less of my current one.

Do you use vinegar for any household or beauty uses? Do tell! I would love to know of more ways to save my soap coupons and use vinegar instead!


  1. I keep meaning to go back to the old ways of cleaning – and bicarb does work wonders on tea stains in cups! I hadn’t heard of No Poo but now I *really* want to try it. And on the subject of vim, the UK old fashioned product Vim works much better than all these fancy new fangled products!

  2. In Britain during the war you would have been entitled to 48 (4×12) soap coupons so you’re certainly setting yourself a challenge!

    I’m a vinegar girl too. It has a 101 uses.

    I guess you know about a dab of vinegar and scrunched up newspaper for cleaning windows and mirrors. If you have hard water as we do in London, you can also scrub sinks/taps with a spent half/quarter lemon. It shifts most of the limescale in minutes.

    Also, if you have any non-stick pans/enamel cookware with burnt on fat or baking, rather than “waste” baking soda you could use sand or brick dust as an abrasive. I use sand from my gardening stocks but have used brick in the past. I just bought a single brick in a DIY store (last of the big spenders !), broke it into 2-3 pieces with a hammer & ground one against an other – surface to surface – to release some brick dust. With a damp cloth it acts like old fashioned scouring powder, just like the Vim that Kaggybookishramblings refers to.

    I also use baking soda on my teacups and spoons. It does make me wonder whether my stomach needs the same treatment…

    1. That’s really good to know about the halved lemon and hard water — our water is incredibly hard here in New Jersey and I do have issues with hard water buildup. I’ll try that this weekend! Thanks!

    2. Holy Moly, Meg. I was making dinner and used part of a lemon for it. I decided to try the trick you told me about around my faucet where limescale builds up. It worked like magic. THANK YOU!

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