Not Losing a Dress, But Gaining a Skirt

I had this dress that I really loved, but it was a little short. Washing it repeatedly (even in cold water! even air drying!) made it even shorter. I started to feel uncomfortable at work sitting because it would ride up so much — but I just loved the graphic print!! So, I cut it right under the armhole and made a skirt out of it:


(excuse the dreadful work bathroom shot! I’m more interested in making stuff than getting glamour shots, truth be told!)

This is not the first time I’ve done something like this — making a dress into a skirt has been a trick I’ve used throughout the years to transform dresses I’ve deemed unwearable for various reasons into something I can use. What is different is the process I used to put in the waistband. Usually I just made an elastic waist casing in the bulky, not very attractive way. This time, though, I used this ingenious method  as explained by Nancy Zieman. So easy! So flat! So attractive! I was even able to do it completely by hand. I wish I had learned this technique years ago.

This method has me thinking about not only saving dresses, but drafting all kinds of original skirts from knits, and putting in these nice, flat, comfy waistbands. Thank you, Nancy!


  1. Excellent stuff! I have a too-long skirt with a rotten waist that needs attention if I’m ever to wear it. Shortening it at the waist and using this method to put a band in may be the solution I need! 🙂

  2. Ooh, I have a black jersey empire style dress that is worn to a shreds on the yoke but has plenty of quality fabric in the skirt. This might be the answer!

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