Happy New Calendar and Coupon Year!

Happy 2015! Welcome to the second year of my rationing project!

First, let me post my final tally for 2014! Coupons remaining:

Clothing: NONE out of 66
Soap: 10 out of 36
Tea: NONE out of 10

I did it! Remember, I “donated” some soap coupons to my tea coupons after I bought some tea in Chicago, but otherwise — yay! I’m actually pretty impressed that I figured out my clothing coupons down to the coupon without going over, and came in under my soap coupons. I sometimes had to get very creative or let a want pass by, but I never felt deprived or shabby. In fact, I experienced a great sense of well-being. It felt good and balanced to add basics to my life, and treats truly felt like treats.

I’ve already done some musings about my ration categories over the last month, but let me emphasize now that the year is officially done — this project was both educational and fun. I likened it to working a complex puzzle in a previous post, and I still think that it’s the most accurate way to represent my method of figuring out how to spend my coupons wisely — how to take what I have and the limited amount I can add to that and live a good year making, doing, giving, experiencing, learning, enjoying. Notice I didn’t say suffering, pining, or longing (too much — I did experience major tea buying withdrawal but I’m through the worst of it. I don’t find myself guiltily perusing the tea websites any more!)!

Now, for my clean fresh slate for 2015! Coupons remaining:

Clothing: 66 out of 66
Soap: 12 out of 12
Tea: 30 out of 30

Remember, the clothing ration coupons are explained here, a soap coupon is any toilet item which is not a single ingredient item (argan oil — no soap coupon. all natural organic lavender moisturizer — 1 soap coupon), and one tea coupon = 2 oz of tea.

What will happen in 2015?! I am already in great suspense because quite a few of my basics such as my winter coat, casual clothes, summer shoes, summer clothing, and bras have seen better days and any way I try to put together that puzzle ends up in an overage of coupons. My soap coupons are reminding me of my tea coupons last year – i.e. strict and LOW. Will my commercial deodorant be worth a coupon? How about my tinted moisturizer — will I stop wearing it? Blush? Will I ever paint my nails again? Perfume? The tea coupons seem like pure luxury after last year — but have I learned my lesson?

Come visit me here to find out! And, again, Happy New Year!

image: from Liverpool Blitz 70. Although I’m thinking of my grandmother and I’m pretty sure she did not dress for dinner in long dresses in the 30s. 😉 She took off her house coat/apron thing to reveal her dress, though. Still a sensible option I daresay!


  1. I look forward to following the puzzle in 2015.

    By the way, your reference to painting nails, gave me an idea for a little future gift but when I checked Royal Mail’s policies, I discovered it is actually illegal to attempt to ship nail varnish by air… I am sure this rules was devised for sensible reasons but it also makes me feel slightly rebellious. Obviously, sending an old-fashioned treat of a gift of nail polish – the height of luxury when I was 14! – could be as ‘dangerous’ to society as knitting your own socks, wielding a hand trowel, reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary consumption…

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