Soap Opera


I thought I’d do a little where I am/where I’m going for my soap coupons, too!

In this past year, I think that my toiletry/soap buying habits have changed the most out of all of my consuming behaviors! I put this category in my ration project because I get weak at the knees when I see what looks like the perfect reddish burgundy lipstick, a rose or violet scented lotion, or a luxurious bath soap. Even my modest by other people’s rate of purchases were piling up faster than I could use them. Many of these items contained loads of strange chemicals and preservatives that I rather keep away from on a daily basis. Plus, there is so much you can make yourself.  I thought that rationing these items would help me simplify, simplify, simplify.

…and it did!

You can see that I have 24 out of 36 soap coupons left. Unlike my clothing coupons, I feel no need to use my remaining coupons in a way to maximize what I have. I’ve made things very easy — I use Dr. Woods Black Soap for my face, in the bath, and at all sinks in the house. I use soap berries and vinegar to clean my laundry. I use argan oil as a facial moisturizer and as a hair conditioner. I use a rinse of apple cider vinegar to clean my hair. If it needs additional smoothing, my handmade shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and almond oil body butter works really well for hair as well as skin! A mix of french green clay and cornstarch gives my face some anti-shine help. I’ve even made deodorant, and it works for the most part 3 out of 4 of the seasons!

I still use lipstick and blush, but had so much left over from 2013 that I didn’t need to buy any this year! I have some fancy lotions from 2013 that I still use from time to time when I want to feel froofy. I have a bottle of perfume — still mostly full — that I got around the holidays last year. My husband brings home those tiny shampoos and conditioners when he travels for work, so if I ever get a wild urge to wash and condition my hair like most people, I have some. If it’s summer, or I know I’m going to have a stressful, rush, rush, rush day, I’ll pull out the conventional deodorant. Trust me — it’s for the best.

For 2015 I plan to revise my soap coupon system to something that doesn’t resemble the WWII system in the least, but works perfectly for my goals (more handmade, more natural, but not 100% restrictive).  The rules will be as such:

  • I will get 12 coupons.
  • A commercially made product (whether all natural or a chemical concoction) = 1 coupon. Examples: A bottle of Dr. Woods Soap, a bottle of perfume, a container of commercial deodorant, a lipstick, an all natural tinted moisturizer made from angels and jojoba oil 😉 If it contains more than one ingredient and someone else made it, it costs a coupon.
  • A natural ingredient I can use on its own or with others to make a toiletry product (i.e. almond or argan oil, cocoa butter, rose water) will be coupon free but needs to be reported on the blog.

Yay! Easy to follow, and gets to the heart of what I’m trying to do with soap coupons.

I’m so pleased with the transformation  of my habits in 2014, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings with my new, streamlined soap coupon rationing system!




  1. I’ve gone in two different directions with this. On the one hand I have simple tastes when it comes to cleanliness. I’ve gone ‘no poo’, I make my own face masks and use multitaskers like lanolin.

    On the other hand, as I have simplified, I have discovered makeup, something I never bothered with before. I don’t have lots, but I went through a period of experimentation.

    I like your new system, it seems much simpler but still in the spirit of rationing.

    1. I’m really enjoying my simple hand made toiletries and scaled back routines. They are luxurious in their own way 🙂

      Experimentation is good! There is no other way to really know what we like. I think that’s why I collected so much tea — I was trying everything to figure out my likes and dislikes.

    2. I recognise your discovery of make-up at a time of scaling back. As I rationed my wardrobe, I started to appreciate make-up. Not that I started to lather it on. Rather, like my wartime peers, I wanted to look my best and polished, even when only wearing a simple outfit of a skirt and home-knits, partly to prove to my friends and acquaintances that a life of less is not a frumpy life.

  2. As you know, I too am a fan of a simple, natural soap regime but I’ve realised, maybe we should call it a ‘minimalist soap regime’.

    Minimalism seems to be a big craze, with lots of companies using simple white & black branding with clean lines – even though their products contain endless synthetic ingredients ! I like the ‘minimalism’ of few potions and limited, natural ingredients. Do you think our approach would catch on if we used a label that is currently de rigueur?

    1. Or maybe a “luxuriously minimalist soap regime” only because I feel like the pure, high quality ingredients are so truly sumptuous! The fragrance of real rose water, the silkiness of organic oils that soak right in — bliss!

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