Never Say Never

I know, I know. I said I was never going to buy tea bags ever again! But when I was in Chicago, our hotel had bags of Twinings English Breakfast decaf out, and I took two bags to try. I haven’t ever met a decaf tea I truly liked, even from my fancy loose tea purveyors, and was not expecting much more than some warmth that wouldn’t keep me up all night. Well I was sure surprised to genuinely enjoy the flavor of this tea! If you served it to me with a blindfold on, I would never think it was a decaf flavor-wise. It had lots of body and a toasty malty flavor and I was so pleased! I was going to get myself a tin as soon as I got more coupons.

But – I couldn’t find this tea loose! Everywhere I checked, including the US Twinings site, only offered bags, so bags I got. As Osgood says at the end of the film Some Like It Hot, “Well, nobody’s perfect!”

My two boxes contained 25 bags each and weighed in at 1.76 oz each.

1.76 X 2 = 3.52 — so let’s say 4 oz as a punishment for getting bagged tea 🙂 Each coupon = 2oz of tea so this purchase cost me 2 tea coupons.

You knew my first coupons spent for 2015 would be tea coupons, right?


Clothing: 66 out of 66
Soap: 12 out of 12
Tea: 28 out of 30


  1. Well, you have a tin of Nina’s new Earl Grey on the way, a sample of their former keemun base version, and a bit of Badamtam Darjeeling, as well! No coupons for those! 🙂

    1. Ruth! You are too kind 🙂 Thank you. I’ll be on the lookout. I’ll send some of the teas I got in Chicago for you to try — I’m crazy about them, especially the Darjeeling Earl grey, which I thought I’d like less than the classic one, but actually like more!

  2. It is difficult finding a decaf tea that works for us. I’m not so fond of Twinings decaffeinated English Breakfast tea as it contains a little too much Assam for my taste. I’m still searching…

    Ps – Twinings sells decaf English Breakfast as loose leaf tea here so I’ll double check the rules about posting loose leaf tea to the US.

    1. It really is! For some reason, most decafs taste like fish to my taste buds! This one doesn’t thankfully. I also get this strange thing where everything tastes like fish when I’m sick with a cold. Strange human!!

      You gave me an idea — our next town over has a British import shop — I should see if they have it next time I’m there.

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