Wardrobe Inventory


I decided that it would be a good idea to inventory my fall/winter wardrobe since there are two more months left in the challenge, and I have 21 more clothing coupons. I plan to be on the ration next year too, so using every last coupon for 2014 in a smart way is important, and seeing where my weak spots are will be great for planning 2015. It feels … indulgent? …silly? …superficial? to list my clothing, but I know that writing about things helps me think about them and understand them. This list will be a great resource to look to before I use any further coupons. I wish I did this in the beginning of the ration, actually!

Here is everything —


6 cardigans: 1 black cotton, 2 black wool, one teal wool, 1 grey wool with black trim. 1 sheer black material with cream lace.

1 pullover sweater: dark olive green wool, 3/4 sleeved

1 suit: very dark navy with pinstripes

2 leggings, 1 black, one that imitates the look of black jeans (!)

3 skirts: handmade black cotton w multicolored print, 1 handmade black silk with red hem, 1 brownish pumpkin and black ponte knit v shaped stripe skirt.

6 tops: 1 black silk short sleeved with ruffle in middle, 1 cotton black long sleeved top, 1 blue and multicolored floral tunic, 1 cowl neck black long sleeved top, 1 black tunic sweatshirt thing, 1 black and white short sleeved tunic.

8 dresses: 1 red and purple floral 3/4 sleeve wrap dress, 1 purple beige, black, olive elbow length sleeved sheath dress, 1 black and white silky material short sleeved dress, 1 blue, black and cream print short sleeved wrap dress, 1 cream, beige, grey, and black cap sleeved sheath dress, 1 cream and navy stripe ponte knit sheath dress, 1 beige, black, and coral print dress, 1 brown, grey, white, teal cotton short sleeved dress that ties in the back.



5 boots: 1 pair hiking boots, 1 pair snow/rain boots, 1 pair black with brown accent leather lace up boot, 1 pair olive green leather pull on boots (come to upper calf) , 1 pair black ankle boots with little heel. (you may notice new rain/snow boots — my husband bought them for me after he saw the holes in my old ones. He also bought me a handbag after I noticed a hole in the one I was carrying around for the past few years. Aww. I was so surprised and touched.)

1 pair of sneakers, black

3 every day shoes: 1 pair of black clogs, 1 pair of black mary jane clogs, 1 pair of black/grey/cream wool mary jane clogs.

2 semi-dress shoes: 1 dark red mary jane wedge, 1 black mary jane heel

2 dress shoes: 1 black fabric heel with a tiny bow, 1 black leather heel with a nice sized silky black with tiny grey print bow.

1 pair of flat suede “men’s slipper” looking shoes that I bring to work to wear whenever I wear my rain/snow boots — I can’t stand wearing rain/snow boots all day at work.


1 sweater/jacket, black

1 wool coat, black

(loads and loads of scarves, shawls, and hats — which make my minimal wardrobe not boring at all 🙂 I swear)

Some thoughts about how I should spend my last 21 coupons, and ponderings regarding 2015:

  • I have so many print dresses! I need a solid black dress, and I think it would be smart to purchase one with some of my remaining coupons. I’ve been looking at the thrifts and the only solid black dresses are too dressy for every day. I could also do with another solid colored dress or two in 2015. I have fabric in my stash for 3 dresses, and they are all print! If I buy any fabric in 2015, it should be solid. And I should get to sewing those dresses, even if they are all print. This happened because I charged myself with the task of not wearing 100% unrelieved  black all the time about 7 or 8 years ago. See what happens when you don’t check in with yourself regularly? 😉
  • I could use more pullover sweaters and/or tops. I’ve been looking at the thrifts but everything looks too worn —  these may need to be purchased first hand.  I can get at least 2 with my remaining coupons. These will be good things to make in 2015, too. I have a few patterns for short sleeved sweaters and some linen/cotton to knit them with. I’d like to try my hand at sewing a basic woven top, too. I hesitate to knit long sleeved pullover sweaters because my workplace is so hot all of the time, but I do have a wool vest on my knitting needles which I think will be perfect!
  • I would like to knit a very warm cardigan I can use as a fall/spring jacket. The one I have now (which was $1 at a yard sale!) has 3/4 sleeves, and if I don’t have long sleeves (or long gloves!) on with it I’m cold. I think I have enough yarn for something nice.
  • I’d like to get brown, or blue, or burgundy clogs in 2015.
  • I also should get one bra.
  • I need to save half-ish of my 2015 coupons for summer clothes. I hardly have any and the majority of the ones I have are on their last legs!
  • I hope my winter coat lasts forever. It’s the perfect cut and length and warmth.
  • You may notice the absence of jeans, pants, and button down shirts in my wardrobe. These items just don’t work with me! I find pants and jeans horribly uncomfortable and I think I look terrible in them, and button down shirts are either too tight in the chest or too big in the body if they fit in the chest. I don’t even go near these sections of stores.

This should be more than enough information to keep me focused for the remainder of 2014, and start me off on the right foot for 2015! I can’t believe I’m in the last two months of the challenge with so many coupons to use — yay!


  1. Not minimal at all – very practical and a useful exercise to focus the mind. I think it makes sense to have a smaller selection of good items you love and will wear rather than a wardrobe stuffed full of cheap stuff you’ll never touch. Good luck with the coupon planning (and the knitting of the cardigan!)

  2. I’m more of a block colour than a print lady but that aside the similarities are uncanny 😉 Skirts, dresses, cardies, mary-janes, lace-up boots, hats & scarves… but no button-through shirts (apart from Mr M’s worn-out ones I use for gardening!) and precious few trousers (I can only really get away with 1940s style side-zipped or sailor buttoned ones).

    One of the things I have enjoyed since living with clothes rationing is a much smaller wardrobe. It hit me when I was on holiday in Scotland in an old hotel with period furniture how telling (and appropriate) interwar bedroom furniture is. One 2-door wardrobe, a dressing table with a few drawers, a chest of drawers and maybe a couple of bedside tables with tiny drawers/cupboards to house all of his & hers clothes. No banks of in-built wardrobes or walk-in closets that seem to be de rigueur / essential these days!

    1. In my last house, we had a built in armoire from the turn of the century (I miss that thing!) and yes, the part where the clothing could hang was not spacious. It also had a few cabinets, a few drawers. I managed to fit my clothing plus all of my knitting, sewing, painting, and other craft supplies in it, though!

      In this house, there is a sort of divider the previous owners built, and they ran a pole from side to side on top and mid way through. They were two men so they did not have to hang dresses! All of my hung dresses droop over the lower pole. Ah well.

  3. I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum – everything solid or striped and not a print in site. I really should learn to sew, because there are so many lovely fabrics out there and even when I travel to the ‘big city’ I rarely find things I really love and that I would suit and work for me.

    My knitting project for next year if going to spin around wardrobe building, but you can’t knit everything!

    1. True… but you can have fun trying! I’m using knitting to produce short sleeve tops that work for about nine months in a generally damp UK and shall also try my hand at knitting a cami vest. And Susan Crawford has been known to knit bathing costumes… 😉

    2. I bet your sewing would be beautiful — you have such wonderful attention to detail in your knitting. I know you’d bring that to your sewing. You should give it a try!

  4. How do the clothing coupons work on secondhand clothing? Is it tied to the cost of the item, wherever it’s purchased? I’ve noticed a lot of decent quality clothing items seem to get listed on eBay . . .

    1. That’s a really good question. In the second world war in the UK, second hand clothes were off ration provided they were truly second hand rather than a way of manufacturers to offload clothes that were actually new, and pricing was one of the tests. I guess you could apply the same approach to your eBay hunting 😉

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