Oh dear. I did it this time. I spent all of my clothing coupons for the year!

First, the strap on my black mary jane clogs broke – again. Not only did I feel that it was not the best use of my money to fix the strap – again – but I noticed my knees were achy after I wore them. After all their years of service, I believe the life was worn out of them!  I read somewhere that your shoes have something like 500 or 1.000 miles of walking in them, and I do believe that after over 5 years of use, I walked them out!

This time, I got a pair of brown clogs for the fall/winter. No more mary janes! I do not trust that strap with the hard wear I put on shoes!


5 coupons

You know how I used to stare at tea catalogs and websites last year? Well this year, I am finding myself staring longingly at dresses. I have 2 or 3 websites that I gaze dreamily at, wondering if I could get my sewing skills up to snuff to make something as pretty as what I was seeing.

One day, I was looking at the swoon-worthiest of sites for a Romantic gal, April Cornell (I’ve loved their offerings for decades but never purchased anything from them because they are a little pricey) and lo and behold, the magical dress I had been pining for since last year, a dress that not only has flowers on it, but birds, and two large pockets, was on sale. I thought it was a grand time to make my first April Cornell purchase.

It arrived yesterday, and not only does it look great and is everything I hoped it would be, but it has details I couldn’t even see on the website. The pin-tucks are exquisite. The fabric is glorious. The sleeves have tiny buttons at the elbow.  It arrived in a pretty floral tote bag that I already commandeered as a knitting bag.

I also admire the company’s ethics. Not only their hand up not hand out ethos, but the fact that they make quality clothing that is entirely in their own spirit. I’ve admired April Cornell clothing since the 1990s and the remarkable thing is that it hasn’t changed much over the decades! The clothing has always be whimsical and inspired by the past, and handwork, and imagination. You won’t see skin-tight silhouettes, short hemlines (unless they are paired with some of their embroidered leggings!), or sexxxy nonsense. She makes slips and nightgowns! Do you know how rare and special that is?

In short, I think I found a ready made clothier that I can feel at peace purchasing the occasional item from. I am already saving my pennies for the new year because the Shakespeare and Bronte dresses are my new stare-dreamily-at victims 🙂 not to mention I really, really, really want a pair of pantaloons.

7 coupons

…and there you have it:


Clothing: 0 out of 66
Soap: 7 out of 12
Tea: 25 out of 30

A Note: I cannot buy any more clothing this year, but I reserve the right to use soap and tea coupons, much like rationeers of the WWII era used margarine coupons, to buy yarn or fabric if necessary. This will be done at a penalty of two soap or tea coupons for every clothing coupon the item would have used.




  1. Ooh… what a delightful way to spend your last clothes coupons: sensible shoes and a pretty frock. And I love that you are treating soap and tea coupons as margarine coupons. I wonder what twists and turn next year’s rationing regime will involve: will you still be rationing tea and soap as you are doing so well there…?

    PS – The Shakespeare dress would definitely earn a spot in my wardrobe… Definitely an investment.

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