Viewing Life During Wartime

Two recommendations for your viewing pleasure!



First, I recently viewed The Wartime Kitchen & Garden (gathered here at The 1940s Experiment!) and I found it so educational. I liked the low key vibe of the show and I thought it especially fascinating that Ruth Mott and Harry Dodson both had first hand accounts of experiencing WWII rationing. It was clear that their knowledge came from years of cooking and gardening, too. I also found Ruth’s no nonsense speech very entertaining and bit intimidating! I would be a little frightened to be her boarder during the war. I think I would have done better being a Land Girl with Harry. Although I wouldn’t want to have been a mole!

I gained many tips on stretching food and using alternate ingredients to make things such as a pastry crust. I also appreciated the sane approach to cakes, even wedding cakes! I am already a huge fan of the one layer cake and abhor fondant monstrosities. We do not need a war on to be sensible about such things!



Second, Home Fires just started on PBS if you’re in the USA. I’ve only watched the first show, but it’s about a rural English village right before WWII begins. It’s based on Jambusters, Julie Summers’ book about the Women’s Institute and the role it played on the home front during WWII. I’m loving the characters. The show is squishy and it already made me cry several times and I want to knit all. the. sweaters.

One of the things I like about PBS is that you can watch the shows after they air through their website. I’m usually in the middle of something when a program airs, and I’m loathe to stop for a television show, no matter how good it is. If something is on late at night, forget about it! Even if it’s riveting I fall asleep. With PBS, I can watch things when I want, and when I have the energy. This means it’s not too late for you to catch up on Home Fires!



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary and love the matter of factness of the presenters. I was also surprised how much I enjoyed Homes Fires. I caught it on the online catch-up facility as my husband spotted the programme on TV and thought I might enjoy it. And yes, the knitwear… *sigh*

    1. Remember when we were talking about smocks and aprons for our art making? The full coverage aprons the Home Fires women wore would be perfect! I kept on thinking of it as I watched.

  2. Hey lady,
    gosh it’s been a long time and I think of you often and fondly. I’ve been reading this blog since you started and should have told you sooner how much I’ve been enjoying it. We’ve been shifting spaces recently and I came across a copy of the 1940s House tv show. Do you know it?

    1. Kathryn! It’s so good to hear from you! So funny I was just thinking of you too — a friend gave me 11 balls of Noro yarn and I was remembering how you told me that your husband went to art school with the creator of those yarns.

      I hope all is well 🙂

      I saw 1940s House when it first came out (and loved it) but have not seen it since. I have to find it again in light of this project. I also remember being fascinated by Manor House.

      Let me know how you are!!! jmanni At uarts Dot edu

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