An Addition to the Hand Made Wardrobe

Yesterday I put the finishing touches (buttons! 10 of them!) on the cardigan sweater I finished knitting and blocking last week. Ta da! My finished Garter Yoke sweater:


And a little detail shot of the buttons — I do love a fancy button!


Now I only need some chilly weather.

I am so glad I planned ahead this year and started knitting this at the end of July. I really needed a heavier weight sweater to act as a bridge between a winter coat and a light sweater, and I believe this will fit the bill. Last year I was layering shawls and scarves over a thin cardigan and not only was I not warm enough, I probably looked a sight (!) I can also use this sweater in the coldest months over my dresses indoors and in addition to my coat when I’m traipsing outside. I hear it’s going to be another cold one in these parts.

I already subtracted the coupons for this sweater over the summer. I’m thrilled that I have 8 balls of yarn left over! I’m thinking I can combine it with another yarn I have to make another sweater. We’ll see what I come up with 🙂

In additional knitting news, right now I’m a few repeats into Fika, and next month is known to most people as October, but for knitters it’s Socktober! I hope to start these dreamy knee high Barnim-Style Stockings for Socktober. I have the yarn (the one the pattern calls for, but in black) to knit the socks with and the pattern at the ready.

Happy Hand Made Wardrobe-ing!


  1. Lovely! Look forward to seeing the Fika when it’s done too – very envious of your knitting skills! 🙂

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