Home Made Translucent Powder


Another winning recipe I first found on Pinterest!

I threw this concoction for a translucent face powder together last weekend in a very small quantity — just one tablespoon of French Green Clay and Cornstarch and a healthy pinch of cocoa powder — fully expecting for my skin to turn green from the French Green Clay after application and to look like an alien.  After I brushed it on I was surprised how nicely it blended into my skin and how pleasantly matte my face was. I did need a road test, though — maybe I really was green and couldn’t tell! I wore it to go for a nature walk with my husband — the flowers, bees, and frogs would like if I was green and not make fun of me!

Little did I know my husband planned a test of his video camera when we were out walking. I dreaded seeing the footage, not only because I hate having my picture taken, but I was fully expecting to be green as Elphaba in Wicked! Imagine my surprise when I viewed the video and saw not only that my face wasn’t green, but after tromping around the woods for hours I wasn’t shiny.

I wore the powder all week at work and had the same positive results. It was Orientation week at the college I work at, and I felt polished and completely not green as I ran from building to building with transfer credit packets and helped 284029834 new students and their parents not have a meltdown.

Gosh I love replacing things that have a zillion questionable ingredients with something I make myself which has three ingredients, two of which I had sitting in my baking cupboard!








  1. have already pinned it – powder is one of my beauty staples. If I can make it with ingredients I know, so much the better! thanks for discovering it!

  2. I like the idea of this. I don’t tend to use powder as I don’t like loads of synthesised chemicals on my skin and can never find a shade pale enough for my skin but this translucent powder may tick the box!

    1. I love powder and lipstick — hope to green-up lipstick in the coming months. I’ve heard good things about putting red clay in a home made beeswax lip balm concoction. My past experiments with beetroot and alkanet root did not work out so hot.

      I occasionally wear mascara, but it is so infrequent that I don’t know if it’s worth making – I think I put it on twice this year. Maybe I need to just forget about mascara altogether – no matter what kind I use it usually winds up around my eyes because I cry at the drop of a hat — usually about happy or beautiful things, but I’m just a teary person!

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