Seasonless Tights


The last time I was in the store buying those little capri tights for summer, I saw this new (to me?) phenomenon advertised as “seasonless tights” — they appeared heavier than your regular panty hose, but lighter than traditional opaque tights. Still, they looked hot (not physically, but mentally) for high summer.

Now it is late August, and my legs have zillions of mosquito bites from gardening and look a bit frightful! I really don’t feel confident exposing itchy, welty bare legs. Also, the students are back, and I like the formality of stockings with dresses for work during the academic year. It was time to try these newfangled seasonless tights, and I picked up two pairs to try out because they had a buy 2 for $12 deal going on 🙂

I’ve been wearing them for the last two weeks and I LOVE them! They are just the right  combination of sheer and opaque, are comfortable, and have given some polish to my beginning of the semester outfits.  I’ve been washing by hand and hanging to dry after each wearing, and that system allows me to always have stockings to wear each day even though I only have two pairs.

Once the weather gets cooler I’ll go back to my regular, thicker tights, but these have been a lifesaver for these upper 80s temperatures!

A++++++ use of 4 coupons (2 per pair) in my opinion 🙂


Clothing: 30 out of 66
Soap: 24 out of 36
Tea: 3.5 out of 10


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