A Quick Bit of Accounting


A brief pause in recounting my making to settle my coupon book πŸ™‚ It’s interesting — I feel like most of my blog last year was describing what I bought, but this year of the project focuses very little on each purchase. My makings and musings are taking center stage, and that’s just how I want my blog — and life — to be!


2 dresses from Lands End – 7 coupons each – totaling 14 coupons.

These are the perfect summer dresses for me — they are comfortable, cool, look nice enough for work, visiting a garden or museum, running around a city or town. I chose the black, red, and white stripe, and the bourbon stripe versions. I’ve been wearing each once or twice a week since I got them. I’d get the other colors in a heartbeat but I realize that they are very summer-y and not great for stretching into other seasons — I can’t justify using more coupons because of that.

Clothing-wise, I’ve also been lucking out at the thrift shops lately! I would be wearing these two dresses every single day if it wasn’t for the few tops and skirts for warm weather I was able to pick up!


Seabuckthorn salve from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve – 1 coupon

The PVA glue I was using for my bookarts class gave me a nasty case of allergic dermatitis on my hands. I am highly sensitive to glues (I can’t tell you how many shoes I’ve had to return to the store because they used glue in putting them together and my feet became a sea of hives! But I digress). I stopped using the glue, but I still have a stubborn, sensitive patch on one of my fingers. This salve is giving this last little bit such soothing relief as it heals! I didn’t want to use cortisone because it’s not such good stuff long term, and also because my hands are constantly in bread dough! (Yuck!)

The salve is also very moisturizing and is supposed to also be great for burns — I thankfully haven’t had to try it for that yet, but I’m really good at burning myself when I cook so I am glad it’s on hand for emergencies.

Deodorant Stone – 1 coupon

I finally got one! I haven’t tried it yet but will tomorrow. Fingers crossed – it’s going to be 90 degrees out! Bad: still a plastic case.


Harney and Sons  Fenghuang Shuixian oolong tea – 1 coupon

I had to buy some breakfast teas for my husband (he has a cup of tea each morning to start his day) so I treated myself to this. I love oolong teas in the spring and summer — well, I love them all year around really! — but something about the floral-y stone fruity ones at this time of year are just exactly what I crave. This tea is a-maz-ing. It evolves over each steep (tea-y, stone-fruity, floral) and I feel like I’m drinking several different teas from this one scoop! This tea has added so much enjoyment to my work day. Magnificent!

So, even after this whirlwind of coupon-using, I’m still not doing too bad coupon-wise. I’m almost half way through the year, and am half finished with clothing coupons (I knew that would happen because I need summer clothes so desperately) and less than half-finished with soap and tea coupons.

I haven’t purchased any yarn this year and really want to knit the Scollay cardigan sweater. I think my next big coupon outlay will be the yarn for this sweater around my birthday in July!


Clothing: 33 out of 66
Soap: 8 out of 12
Tea: 27 out of 30



    1. Isn’t it dreamy? It has all of the features I love in a cardigan. I am so excited to start working on it once I have the yarn. Usually I can piece together the yarn from my stash for shawls and other accessories, but not for a sweater.

  1. I know what you mean. I’m now in year 3 of clothes rationing and I’m not really writing about how I’m using my coupons as clothes purchases are such a minor part of life. There are only so many times you can complain about quality and talk about not spending πŸ˜‰

    1. So true πŸ™‚ I keep doing it, though, because I love to look back and see where my coupons went and how satisfied I was with where they went. I was so cranky about my wasted summer clothing coupons last year, and did not repeat the mistake this year since I keep checking in with my coupons and purchases.

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