Me Made May 5/19/15


Today, I’m wearing a handmade skirt ❤ Yay for handmade skirts! It’s the one I made last year which was completely hand stitched (more pics in the link). I love wearing this skirt not only because it’s comfortable and I like the way it looks, but because I can feel the energy I put in every stitch. It’s a great reminder about how little tiny actions add up. They do. See?

Another thing that I’d like to make more of is clothing. Sure I knit constantly, but I have to push myself a little to sew. I am going to take a baby step to get myself back into it and make a few of these Scout Tees. I have some black poplin with tiny pinkish red polka dots which is begging me to be a Scout Tee, as a matter of fact!  I can even see it being worn with the skirt I have on right now. But I have to make it first. Note to self: see “great reminder about how little tiny actions add up” above 🙂


  1. Like you I am increasingly interested in my garments being infused with a story, preferably one that emanates from my own hands. This life with less journey also means I find myself more and more unimpressed with products. I’ll try things on because I need to restock and my response varies between I don’t like this or it’s appallingly made at one end of the scale and it’s okay but nothing special or it’s okay but if I made it I’d do x, y, z at the other end of the scale. Is it discernment that comes with age or discernment that comes with the experience of making…?

    1. I think some of both! Plus we’ve reset our “enough” and ‘oooh!” buttons to align more with the environmental and social issues going on, and not the Joneses or what advertisers/corporations are trying to sell us (one in the same thing perhaps). We appreciate a clever use of a small amount of fabric or yarn or a creative darn over bags of new clothes and such.

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