Pretty Nostalgic


I recently ordered a magazine allllllllll the way from England. I couldn’t help myself — Meg and her Wardrobe Ration project was featured — the inspiration for this challenge! Meg’s article was beautifully illustrated with photos, chock-full of information, and really fun to read. But I knew it would be — Meg is amazing! Her voice translates to print beautifully.

What I didn’t know was how much I would enjoy a publication like Pretty Nostalgic. I am not a magazine subscriber — I’ve had a subscription to Piecework since forever, and added Saveur once Gourmet folded (and didn’t renew the Paris Review last year because I couldn’t keep up!) but that’s it. But Pretty Nostalgic! Oh! It is in another category. The paper is thick and delicious. It smells fantastic too! It’s full of colorful photography and illustrations, laid out so elegantly, and the articles! Click that link πŸ™‚ Have you ever seen such a diverse yet thematic collection of wonderment? Speaking of rationing, I had to ration myself to only reading one article a day (Meg’s first, naturally) so I wouldn’t gobble it up all at one time. It’s that precious a resource.

What really got me was the Pretty Nostalgic Pledge. It’s everything I believe in and aspire to:


(except for the British made goods part — whilst I’d love to buy British made goods and services as often as possible, I do not believe it sustainable as a Yank πŸ˜‰

I’ve promised myself that I would join the Pretty Nostalgic Society as a holiday present to myself. I already have the little poster included with the magazine with the pledge on it up in my studio. ❀

Thank you Meg! Thank you Pretty Nostalgic! You guys are doing Great Things in the world and for the world. I hope you will consider me an honorary British person when I join.


  1. I’m delighted you liked the article and the magazine as a whole. Pretty Nostalgic truly is a breath of fresh air! And you absolutely embody the Pretty Nostalgic pledge, not just buy living by those three principles but by exuding joy, curiosity, generosity… with it!

  2. Thank you so much for your review I am thrilled you like us! as for the British part – for me it is about supporting local first wherever you are and we have a growing number of lovely Pretty Nostalgic People all over the world especially in the USA so perhaps we will get a Pretty Nostalgic USA going – with everyones help of course! we now run as a membership society, we are not professionals, but full of passion and beleive in what we are doing and together I think we can make a difference – I only wish I could print and distribute for free, but alas I can’t so really appreciate everyone who joins us – wishing you many happy days from vintage ways, Nicole xx

    1. Nicole, you and the Pretty Nostalgic Society are doing wonderful things! Thank you! The pledge really gets to the heart of what I believe in and am working on. I am so glad people in other places are getting involved! I’ll keep looking on the website for opportunities to connect and participate (and will of course join πŸ™‚ How exciting.

  3. How incredibly cool! Their pledge is so sensible and authentic–if only we would all buy into it! I like the parts about buying quality–I am so sick to death of dollar stores and so-called bargains! And, of course, I love the stuff about making what we need.

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