I’ve carried a tiny hand creme in my purse since I started carrying a purse. The most simple reason is that if I’m out and about and wash my hands, I like to apply hand creme afterwards. I also use it to smooth my hair (usually when I look in the mirror after washing my hands, something is a bit crazy up there). Finally, I like it to be something very lightly scented — I find it uplifing and pretty!

As you can see, I’ve squeezed the usefulness out of the hand cremes I’ve had in my purse since last year:


(when I take my bath tonight, I’ll also cut these open and use the last bit you can’t squeeze out)

I briefly contemplated putting some of my home made body butter in a tin and using that, but I know it’s not temperature stable — meaning it turns liquid if over 76 degrees or so. Clearly, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. A natural-ish, commercial option seemed like a better solution. Here’s what I found:


This little set should keep me in purse hand cream for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 (I’ll use the foot creme and cuticle salve as hand creme too), is 99% to 100% made of natural ingredients, made in the USA, and the best part to my eyes? Both of the small tins and the small glass jar can be reused for my own concoctions when I’m finished with them.

I’ve already put the hand salve into my purse and it’s pretty wonderful — my hands are very soft, the salve has a natural rosemary scent (how nice for the winter!), and it hardly takes up any room in the zip bag where I keep a handkerchief, a little powder, a lipstick, hair pins, and a pen. I see myself switching things out for each season — the honey hand creme for the spring, the coconut for the summer, etc. How nice!

I’m puzzled how many coupons to use for this. I’m thinking since there are 6 small items, how about 6 coupons?

Here is my updated accounting:


Clothing: 21 out of 66
Soap: 18 out of 36
Tea: NONE out of 10


  1. This made me smile. I’m probably tempting fate but I keep a little bottle of apricot oil in my bag. For my super dry, super irritable skin, I really do find unadulterated plant oils to be the best option. I shall be treating myself to a wee bottle of argan oil for Christmas. That’s what counts as living it up here!

    I like your style: eyeing up the empties for make your own purposes. That’s like Mr M and I discussing what to do with the leftovers when we’re halfway through a meal!

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