A Little About Me…


I recently was acknowledged by two other bloggers for awards! Thank you! Part of the awards have a getting to know you set of questions at the end. I always like to answer these since my blog is so focused on my rationing project.

I’ll do each set of questions in their own post. These are from The Green Lips! Thanks again for letting me know you enjoy reading these little missives to the ether!

What motivated you to start blogging? Have your motivations changed over time, and if so, how and why?

I had a book blog before this one, and the thing that motivated me to start it was that I wanted to take part in The Classics Club. I had lots of fun reading and reviewing books, but once I started getting terribly upset about the environment and climate change, a sense of urgency to write about those issues took over.

At the time, I found Meg’s blog, and she had just completed her first year of clothing rationing using a modified system from WWII Britain. She invited interested people to join her, and there I was 🙂 I’m now 3/4 done my SECOND year of rationing.

I’m still a voracious reader, and I probably read even more now that I don’t review. I do miss it because I believe writing helps me think, and those little reviews helped my thoughts about the book come together in a way that only reading does not. I do try to post at least 140 characters about everything I read on twitter, and even just pulling that together helps things congeal. If I had all the time in the world I’d keep both blogs 🙂

What is one book that changed your life? (If you aren’t much of a reader then you could share a movie, life event or even blog that’s had a big impact on you.)

So, so many. But I’ve already written about one very important one.

What are some of the simple things in life that give you pleasure?

Sitting with my cat Woody on my lap.

Drinking a cup of coffee or tea and seeing where my thoughts lead, or talking over the day or what’s going on in the world, or what one of us is seeing or reading with my husband.


I walk home from the train (about a 30 minute walk) and I walk through our town’s park as a shortcut. I love observing the changes throughout the year. Even in the height of an individual season there are changes with what is blooming, what birds are visiting, what the trees are doing.

Making things. This can be simple AND complicated I know!

Reading. Ditto!

Enjoying gardens.



images: Woody on my lap, and a flower from a recent trip to Longwood Gardens.



  1. Thanks for answering my questions! I also find that writing helps me to pull my thoughts together.

    I’ve recently started paying more regular attention to the garden where I’m currently living, and as you mentioned it’s wonderful to notice all the changes over the days, weeks and months. It’s so easy not to pay attention, but it’s so rewarding when I do!

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