They Don’t All Work Out


Sometimes, when you read other people’s blogs, life seems a bowl of cherries. Posts go from one high moment to another, and it gives a false impression of everything always going right, la, la, la! We know that isn’t true, but I think it is valuable to share the things that don’t go right in order to show that isn’t true.

For example, my spectacular flop at making solid perfume. You might think by the photo above that all was well with my little experiment with equal parts beeswax, almond oil, then 25 drops of rose absolute in jojoba oil. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The perfume is solid alright. This ratio of beeswax and oil produced a perfume so solid that it is impossible to put on! Even if I scrape some out with my nail, it never quite rubs in.

Then there is a problem with the scent — namely there is none. There is the faintest wiff of rose for about two seconds and then, nothing. From the bit of reading I’ve done on perfumery I should have known — there are no base notes or fixatives in this recipe — of course the scent will be fleeting (to put it mildly).

Back to the drawing board! When I have sufficiently recovered my pride, I’ll scrape out the container and reuse the beeswax and oils with more oil, base, mid, and top note essential oils, and a bit more research. I want to see if I can make something really lovely and natural to wear every day. I love perfume and a restrained, natural one should be enjoyable to wear and not bother others with sensitivities or invade other’s olfactory space with unwanted fragrance.

If at first you don’t succeed…

One comment

  1. I’m sure you’ll get there eventually – I remember trying to make perfume from rose petals as a child and wondering why I just ended with with smelly water….

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