Not Sure if the Industrial Revolution was Worth It? Let’s do the Math.

Fascinating to think about!  As I said in my comment in the post, I’m aware of the feminist implications inherent in pre-industrial revolution hand work, but I still think there is value in having better quality, having less, wearing until you can’t wear any more, and re-making.  There is also joy in hand work — I don’t think every woman (and man) dreaded all aspects of their hand work. It’s a complicated, interesting conversation — and I’m glad to have it! 

I spent last weekend making tools (knitting needles, book arts paper folder) from bone, which I will write a post about soon, but the incredible experience of transformation from a bone dug from the ground to a tool I can use (through my hands!) could not be substituted by a machine made, store bought item. I also feel this way about the meals I cook, bread I bake, food I grow, clothing I make …

What do you think?