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A funny little rationing story:

I’ve now been rationing so long that I am even running out of RAGS.

I try to limit my use of paper towels, so rags are a very popular thing in my household. Old clothes make fantastic rags, but I’ve been holding on to EVERYTHING over the past two and half years of rationing. I haven’t added to my rag pile, but I keep using rags — and they have been getting used up. Sometimes something seems like an average cleaning job but turns into a real mess, and I have to compost the rag.

I went to clean my house from top to bottom before leaving for vacation this past week — and ran out of clean rags mid-clean! I didn’t know if using paper towels or doing a load of not-full laundry would be the better choice environmentally, so I opted for the laundry route. Paper towels disintegrate when you clean with them anyway. I don’t know why anyone would want to clean with them even not thinking of their disposable nature.

Anyway — imagine that. Running out of raggedy olde rags.

I then opted to turn my ripped up nightgown to rags since I need them so desperately. The universe was looking out for me, and I managed to put my thumb through the netted yoke of my other old summer nightgown ripping the whole thing. Once that goes through the wash I’ll have a few more rags. I may be able to donate a few of my old dish cloths to the cause too. But please — no more clothes. I need my wardrobe and I am already -3 coupons for this year!

P.S. Good thing I did buy that new nightgown for my trip. Not only is it now my only summer nightgown, but it was very well received by the peacock. In fact, he stared in my window for hours at me (!) What???

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  1. I had to chuckle at this but I know what you mean! Rags have been in short supply here and remain so. You might also find yourself mulling over whether you can possibly justify buying a couple of new tea towels. I have to say, since my rationing experiment, I’ve had one new nightie, which was a Christmas present, and have relied on Mr M’s old shirts as that’s a way of using cotton that is perfectly serviceable except for the shredded cuffs and colours. Eminently sensible but hardly alluring…

    1. Mr. M. Is nice to give up his shirts. David keeps wearing his until sometimes beyond rag status. He works from home & can get away with 🙂 I have to take a picture of his favorite shorts – the waistband is from a post apocalyptic film wardrobe department 😉 he told me they are most comfortable like this.

      If paper was still made overwhelmingly with cotton boy we’d really not have hardly any rags, as the rag & bone would take em!

      1. Mr M alas is still mostly office bound, and whilst he is naturally scruffy, he goes suited and booted for clients’ benefits. Which means shirts flow down to me. Some are gardening shirts, some crafting smocks and some nighties. Of course, the ones I really have my eyes on, his casual brushed cotton (think country gent in a tweed jacket!), never where out and Mr M lives in them when he gets home.

        ps – giggling at David’s post-apocalyptic shorts. Mr M’s tweed jacket and my moth-eaten cashmere cardi are right there with them 😉

        pps – I would actually like to see the return of the rag and bone man that pays people for their waste (rather than municipal waste collection). It might shift people’s mentality about what is and isn’t waste!

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