Creative Alchemy

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been too distracted with The World to work on complex projects. I’ve been moving towards getting back to speed, though. My heart and fingers started to crave some knitting. I wanted to work on something simple that would keep my interest, and syncronicity (well, actually, Pinterest if truth be told đŸ˜‰ brought me to this Ribbie scarf. I have some Noro Kureyon, a gift from Natalie (hello Natalie!), which I was sure would work with the pattern if I went up needle size and decreased repeats.

It worked. Not only the pattern, but the simple but varied repeats,  the mesmerizing color changes, and yarn flowing through my fingers. I felt the fog lifting.


This scarf has the Orlando shootings, Jo Cox’s murder, Brexit, the murders of US policemen, the murders of unarmed US civilians, this insane US impending election, oppressive climate change heat, and so much more knitted into it. Overwhelming sadness, heartbreak, fear.

The important thing I realized, though, is that after all of this strife, I’m left with something lovely and warm and creative. By participating in making, I was able to transform these feelings into something I find beautiful and useful.


I can’t help but think of this trying summer when I look at this scarf, but it’s now tempered by the incredible power of making. I don’t think I could ask for more. I still have to block this scarf and weave in the ends when I find the energy, but at least I’m on to a more complex shawl pattern with the remaining Noro from Natalie. It’s helping; it’s helping.


  1. This scarf is beautiful! And I’ve read other blogs recently where the author is making a point similar to yours–that by making something we take back something that this nutty, sad summer has threatened to take away.

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