Stitch, Stitch, Stitch

The world feels overwhelming currently. I feel like a twitchy, hypersensitive wild rabbit! I am about to run across the field at the smallest provocation and hide in my burrow! Thankfully, I have something in my burrow — I mean home — to help myself ride these feelings out: simple, repetitive stitching.

I usually grab a cross stitch project to work on intermittently when I need soothing. Most years I finish one project, and some years I finish zero projects. Well, this year I’ve already finished one!


I couldn’t help using it as a vehicle to display some of my collection of olde keys, too!

. . . and am half way through another!


I have 4 days off from work right now, and I am planning nothing more than to do some gardening (dig, dig, dig) and a whole lotta cross stitching — stitch, stitch, stitch — to make this nervous rabbit into a  human being again. Maybe. There is a certain charm to being a wild rabbit!

(Cross stitch patterns by Notforgotten Farm. LOVE)



  1. I like the designs you choose! It’s funny–I get the same soothing feeling from embroidery . . . but not from cross stitch. I’ve tried it but it didn’t “take” for me . . . Have a nice, quiet long weekend!

    1. I like embroidery too, but doing that x x x over and over makes me feel like I’ve taken a Valium 🙂 I realize it may make many people feel like they need to TAKE a Valium!

      P.S. I have my rigid heddle loom now and start a 4 week weaving class in August! So looking forward to it!

  2. I know what you mean about needing some making valium in this time of fast moving turmoil. I have to be very careful with embroidery. I love it but it really aggravates the pain in my wrist and fingers. I’ve been using the spinning to help with the sense of overwhelm. There is something about the rhythmic pedalling, the sensation of wool fibres between the fingers and the focussed breathing that really helps to ground and calm me. Not only is the act calming, there is also something calming and empowering in the act of making anyway.

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