To Be a Flower, is profound Responsibility —

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Bloom — is Result — to meet a Flower
And casually glance
Would scarcely cause one to suspect
The minor Circumstance

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Assisting in the Bright Affair
So intricately done
Then offered as a Butterfly
To the Meridian —

FullSizeRender-18 copy
To pack the Bud — oppose the Worm —
Obtain its right of Dew —
Adjust the Heat — elude the Wind —
Escape the prowling Bee

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Great Nature not to disappoint
Awaiting Her that Day —
To be a Flower, is profound
Responsibility —

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Emily Dickinson ❀

A poetic way of saying that I spent 15 coupons on flowery summer clothing. Two tops (5 coupons each) and a nightgown (5 coupons) from April Cornell.

It’s hot walking to and from the train (94 degrees today!) and last year I was miserable in clothes too hot for the weather. I wore stockings almost every day! It was a bit much.

This year I wanted loose, cotton, casual. Breathable. Everyday stuff I could wash a ton and not fret over. I’m saving my dresses and skirts for when the weather is ok enough to wear tights, or I don’t have a lot of walking to do and can get away with wearing just sandals. I need to wear socks with my shoes when I walk to the train (I’ve commented before about my tender feet!) and little socks with clogs and dresses — eh. I tried it and it just wasn’t me. I like them with cropped leggings and such, though.

I lucked out at the thrift shop with a few pairs of cropped leggings in varying degrees of legging-ness. Well, one culotte type pants thing is technically a pajama, but I’m wearing them to work anyway. No one but you and I know πŸ˜‰ But I only found one top. I have a few tops from previous years to wear, but not enough, so I purchased the watercolory flowers and Victorian rosey tops. They look good with all of my pants and are loose and cool.

The nightgown I bought because we are going on a little jaunt to upstate New York at the end of July, and both of my summer nightgowns are uber-mended and ratty. Fine for at home, but the bed and breakfast we are staying at has a fainting couch in-room, and on the grounds live peacocks. I can’t wear a tatty gown on the fainting couch viewing peacocks! I think this one with embroidered pansies will be just the thing, though.

This leaves me with only THREE coupons left for the rest of the year. I’m trying to wrap my mind around how that is going to play out! I’m well stocked for the fall and winter so I don’t see myself making first hand purchases, but I will continue to make things and the materials will cost coupons. In my third year of rationing, I’m kinda ok with that. If I go over a handful of coupons because I made a sweater or shawl, or sewed a top or dress, I can live with that.

The world is kinda scary right now. Again. In more ways than just the environment. I don’t have the answer, but I think Dickinson shows me a way forward. It’s hard to be a flower (an artist. a person concerned with justice. the world. others. a good person) with all that is against us. But it’s our responsibility, no matter what else is going on. That’s the best I can come up with after Orlando and Jo Cox. It will have to do.


3 out of 66



  1. That’s a very literary way of talking about using up your coupons! The purchases look like will suit you perfectly. Where are you going to be in upstate NY? If it’s my neck of the woods, maybe I can give travel hints?

    1. I can’t remember the name of the place we are staying because my husband made the arrangements (I can only think of peacocks and fainting couches!), but I know I bookmarked a farm right near where we are staying because they sell yarn! It’s Will-O-Wool Sheep Farm in Callicoon, NY. Are you near there? !!!

      1. Ha! We’re almost 5 hours north of there! Callicoon is right on the Pennsylvania border and we’re way up on the Canadian border, just south of Montreal. I can’t help with that part of NY at all–but have fun with the peacocks!

  2. This is beautiful!

    And “I can’t wear a tatty gown on the fainting couch viewing peacocks!” sounds like a perfectly sound reason for spending coupons on a nightie!

    1. Yes, it just wouldn’t be right with the peacocks in their finest at all times!

      I’m going to save it for the trip, then put it in regular rotation. Having another will keep my two mended ones hanging on longer, I hope! The thin cotton blue one cant be long for the garnment world. It may enter the hankie world or rag world next πŸ™‚

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