$100 Grocery Challenge: Week Four

This week, I came in at $106.99. I was at $102 and then I bought some goat cheese for a pizza and that was $4.99. And OH that pizza was delicious and full of CSA goodness: green garlic, red scallions, dandelion greens, arugula, and – get this – Egyptian walking onions. What in the world?


The CSA also gave me rhubarb, which I’ve never had! I made a rhubarb custard pie. It’s so delicious.


I didn’t make a bean of the week, but did defrost some ranch beans for dinner one night. Project clear the freezer is happening! I can move things around without everything falling out now! But, still no room to put my ice cream maker drum. More eating from the freezer needs to happen!

I do think I’ll make black beans for this week, though.

The only meat I purchased was 1/2 pound of (natural Applegate) turkey deli meat, because I knew I’d not be home for dinner one night, and this way my husband could make himself a sandwich. The  meatless eating has been easy. I even found that I had some Beast burgers in my freezer and I made them last night with a heap of vinegary collard greens cooked with green garlic and topped with cream cheese (really. Try it :), Siracha, whole grain bread, roasted potatoes on the side. Delicious. I’m usually not a fan of faux meat, but I really like these every now and again. I also like bean burgers and I think I’ll made some with part of the black beans I simmer up this week.

It was also a fun week — it was my coworker’s birthday and I made him Game of Throne cake pops as part of our work celebration.


He hee. My other coworker made a castle wall and a little paper Sansa and Joffrey and the birthday person was so !!!! They tasted great, too 🙂

On the down side, I’ve run out of many staples all at once. I don’t think I’ll be able to stick to my $100 plan next week. Just thinking about it — the CSA box with eggs and cheese is $50 (and I “need” the eggs and cheese this week) I’m out of 2 kinds of oil, and getting good quality for both will run at least $20 – $25. We are at $75 already and I didn’t even get to the rest of the staples and fresh items that make up a week.  I am going to take this coming week off — stick to my principles (low/no meat, work the freezer/buy local/organic when possible) — but get what will help me have a delicious week and beyond. Poor quality oil is a burden for months, you know!

This month’s experience has me thinking, although it’s not nearly as snappy, that I should allow $125 a week for our food. The reason I’m in this pickle with everything running out at once is because I didn’t buy things as they ran out, and tried a substitution. Now I’m out of the substitutions! (Hello oil. I don’t have a pat of butter in the house either). I think that is a more comfortable number, and still — that’s a little under $9 a day per person for three meals. One sandwich at a takeout place near my work is $10 these days for perspective.

It also has me thinking how lucky I am that I can make the choice to go over budget, choose to patronize a CSA, and have so much in my freezer that I can’t fit an ice cream making drum inside. Jeeze.

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