Week Three: $100 Grocery Challenge

This week, I came in at $98! Phew!

My most expensive items are tied: some local ground beef burgers (4) for $9.99 and 2 pints of Blue Marble organic ice cream for $10. We’ve developed a bit of a ritual of curling up to watch our Sunday night show (it used to be Downton Abbey, but it’s now Game of Thrones. What a change, huh?) sharing a pint of ice cream. This is a nice treat, but oof — I have an ice cream maker. The problem is that my freezer is so full that I can’t fit the drum inside. I’m going to concentrate on using up enough of my frozen things so that I can fit the drum in there again and make ice cream (and sorbet, and gelato, and all that lovely warm weather deliciousness). Plus, summer is all about FRESH. It’s smart to use these frozen items now before the bounty of summer arrives.

Our bean of the week was RED LENTILS! I love red lentils not only because they are delicious and nutritious, but because they do not need to be soaked, and cook very quickly. They are the go-to bean when you forget your overnight soak. I made this dahl dish with them:

IMG_6285 copy

Extremely delicious, and probably the best Indian style dish I’ve made. I always find the ones I make lacking compared to what I get in a restaurant, but this one was just as lovely as the dahl at my fave local place. I served it two times already, once with chard from the CSA box, and once with leftover broccoli rabe from when I made pizza over the weekend.

IMG_6346 copy

The other nice thing I made was lemon ricotta pancakes. I mention this not only because they were delicious, but so you can see how I got my ricotta to work double duty 🙂 I will also make this pasta with fresh tomatoes in the next few days (but using canned San Marzanos – there are not enough tomatoes around yet for fresh tomato sauce!) and I wouldn’t be surprised if we had those pancakes again this weekend. They were divine.

Eating luxuriously and mostly organically on $100 a week. It’s working!

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