Week Two: $100 Grocery Challenge

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We are here at week two! My total spend this week was $108.81. Since I spent $89 and some change last week, all is well.

It was what we call at home a Good Food Week. We ate so well! The highlights were those beans I posted about yesterday (we finished them last night! We couldn’t get enough of them!), and we splurged on some wild king salmon. It was the only meat (well, it’s fish but) I purchased last week and we enjoyed it so much. It is only wild and fresh in May and June. We may splurge again next month if it’s still being offered. We had it with some rice and local asparagus.

Another great thing this week was our CSA box from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative! In our box, we got some Russian Kale, Peppermint, Red Chard, Green Leaf Lettuce, Easter Egg Radishes, Green Garlic, Tomatoes (tomatoes!!!), some locally made cheese made from raw cow milk, and a dozen eggs.

FullSizeRender-10 copy

So far we’ve had the kale and it was deeeeeelicious. I think I know what to do with everything but the radishes. I’m thinking crusty peasant bread, toasted, buttered, with sliced radishes. Maybe in a salad with that green leaf lettuce. If you have a fave radish dish please share! I think I’ll dry the peppermint after I use some for a mint julep! Hic!

I’d like to get one of these CSA boxes every other week since I do not use a whole dozen eggs each week (the veggies will vary, but they include eggs and cheese each time).

I think this week’s bean is going to be red lentils. I have them in my cupboard, and saw a tasty looking dahl dish floating about the internet which I can also use the chard for.

This week our food money was spent on FOOD. I only bought 12 cans of seltzer @ $3.99 for 12 and have rationed myself to only having one can a day. When we run out, too bad until next week! No other drinks purchased.

Yay! This is fun!


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