Mend It May!

Happy May 1st!

Jen from My Make Do and Mend Life declared May 2016 Mend It May, and I excitedly signed up to participate.


Sure, I have a few things that need mending, and this is an ideal time to use the power of the group to get it done, but more importantly I want to celebrate mending! When you mend something, you’re giving love and care to the items you’ve already invited into your life and have a responsibility to care for, and are saying no to the disposable, uncaring culture that surrounds us. It’s getting bad. We just don’t throw away stuff these days. We throw away animals, people, groups of people … our small actions become big actions, a way of life, a culture. I want in on the positive, creative life, so I take care, I mend, I repair.

. . .

My first repair for this month was a fix that I was pretty sure was coming. I had made a mixed media piece and had to adhere a small  porcelain doll to an oil painted canvas surface. I had finished my tube of e6000 which is a mixed media maker’s best friend, and hadn’t yet replaced it. So I sanded both surfaces, got out my old rickety glue gun, and hoped for the best, even though I knew that doll would try to escape her bond. I also purchased a replacement tube of e6000 later that week, so I’d be ready when she did.

Well, I came home from work last Wednesday and my little baby had made a break for it! She didn’t get far — I found her in a pile of my handknit shawls, a bit dazed (I store my shawls in a basket in my foyer so that I can throw one on before leaving the house). Thankfully, she had a gentle fall — it could have been worse. I pinched her between my fingers — naughty girl! — grabbed the painting off the wall, and went to my lair I mean studio to use the glue that I should have waited to use from the beginning. A little more sanding, a good sticking, 72 hours of curing, and my Capti Femina is once again trapped.


Oh dear! But you get it, right 😉

Tune in next time for the tale of the handbag handle repair!

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