Travel Broadens the Mind

IMG_5170(1) copy

I’m recently back from a trip to Phoenix, AZ! I went for a work conference, but arrived a few days before the conference started for some time to See Things. I deeply believe that if you are going to fly across the country, you should see more than the inside of a convention center if at all possible! My husband came along so that he could make some photographs.

Despite coming down with a cold the day before I was to fly, I made a valiant effort to do everything I had planned. I succeeded, mostly. I cut out the happy hours and parties after the sessions so I could rest, but enjoyed all of the exploring, experiencing, and EATING (oh what wonderful Southwestern and farm-to-table foods we ate!) we had hoped for. I had a chance to visit Sedona and the Apache Trail as well as Phoenix proper, which was pretty great for a sick gal, as well as attended every single session time slot the conference offered. Go me! Go vitamin C! Go tea! (That was a poem I do believe 😉 )

I’m still internally processing my trip. When I came back, I had to hit the ground running, and my next few weeks are filled with committee meetings, workshops, art making, and thinking. I will be a little quiet as I digest this incredible gift of travel. More soon!

image: Red Rocks, Sedona. Yes, it’s that red. Yes, the sky is that blue. Yes.




  1. Most of my travel to the western US was organized around academic conferences, too! You did very well to see and do so much when you weren’t feeling 100%!

  2. Yes, travel is a real luxury. Interested to see how the new experiences play out in your explorations!

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