Not Surprised — Scared!


A quick link to an article, so one can pull out a study when naysayers dismiss one’s rationing project by saying “individual actions do not make a difference.”

The Surprising Way the Stuff We Buy Fuels Climate Change

Not a surprise to us, yes? I won’t say “I told ya so.” 😉

An important reminder, as we recently popped over that scary two degree Celsius warmer than the pre-industrial world scary milestone scientists have been talking about for decades. Have I mentioned this is scary? S-C-A-R-Y.

This really does change everything. I’ve been trying to read This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein since I got it and a few pages sends me into a panic attack. I need to keep going, pause, and keep going some more. Deep breaths.

One comment

  1. I saw this article too. I know people can play fast and loose with statistics but this study was reported in a very highly regarded journal so I for one believe it. The message is not pleasant – we all need to slash consumption – but quite frankly we need to start to be much more vocal about this or the terrifying 2 degree blip will become a permanent horrific reality.

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