The Hole Story

The other day, I went to put my trusty black lacy half socks on to my sock blockers to air dry, and I noticed a huge hole in one of the socks! I gasped, because I usually make a point of reinforcing weak spots on my socks before an actual hole appears. You guys, I’m slipping.


I took a look at the other sock, and sure enough, weak spots were evident:


Time to get mending!

I usually choose a color different from my sock because I love a visible mend, but I wanted to see if I was capable of a less noticeable mend, especially with the challenge of a big gaping hole! I got out my black sock yarn and went to work.



Between the black and the mend, you can’t tell what a sorry state they were in. Notice my helper Woody 🙂

Three lessons from this story:

  1. I need to get serious about my Focused Effort concerning making 4 pairs of socks by the end of the year.
  2. At least one of those pairs need to be these little half socks since I clearly enjoy wearing them.
  3. I need to start checking all of my socks for weak spots. I usually have a big sock mending fest around spring break, and it’s almost here.

You know I can’t write “The End” to this story because there are sure to be more socks in need of mending! As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing. I love giving things a new lease on life!

One comment

  1. I would definitely darn black lacy socks in black too… After all, they are dress socks – if such terms exist. I’m currently working on a pair of my own.

    By the way, one of the many upsides of hand knitted socks is that they will never disappear in the warped universe that is the washing machine, which ingests 1 sock for every 5 that are brave enough to enter the drum!

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