A Gamble


This year, I’ve taken a huge risk, and spent just over half of my coupons in the very first month of the challenge. The January sales presented so many dresses I’ve had my eye on all year at prices (and skill levels! and time commitments!) that I could not replicate with my own sewing.

I purchased 5 dresses. They can all be worn for at least three seasons (one for 4) and fill large holes in my wardrobe (especially the three that can be worn in summer). Four are from April Cornell, and one from Lands End.

I feel that I’ve made a smart (dresses I’ve been pining for from manufacturers I like to support for such good prices) but scary (35 coupons in January. Egads.) decision. The rest of the year’s new wardrobe is going to have to be sewn, knitted, and thrifted (all their own kind of pleasure). No new shoes this year. I’m lucky that David bought me two bras at Costco when we were bulk shopping (oh dear I’m writing about bras on the internet again). I think I’ll be ok as long as I wait until next year to buy the dresses that catch my eye this year!


Now, back to knitting on my sweater, all from yarn I had in my stash except for one skein, which I think will make it a one coupon sweater. Thankfully!


31 out of 66


    1. Thanks! I hope I feel this way once September rolls in and I hardly have coupons! 😮 On the other hand, I’ll be plenty busy making things so there’s that.

  1. I had to chuckle at this… But hey, if you’re anything like me, you know your style and are a dab hand at cardi-ing up an outfit to make it work all year round! I’ve just scuttled off to the April Cornell website (not a brand I know) and spotted a gorgeous comfortable yet elegant black dress called Shakespeare. *sigh*

    My first clothes purchase post rationing has been a slip – talk about living it up 😉 – and a new winter coat. I think coats really do cripple the clothes allowance on the ration so I’m glad I managed to eke my coats out for the ‘duration’.

    1. I love that Shakespeare dress too – by the time I got around to buying it was sold out in my size. I did get the Bronte dress which is pretty much the Shakespeare dress in another color, with different trim. Yes, I would like my coat to last forever!!! So many coupons, but I understand why (so much material!).

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