Work and life goes on at a frantic pace — deadlines, committees, meetings, renew this, get an inspection of that — all the stuff that keeps our worlds in motion. Which is why I like slow in my making world. I am not a multiple project juggling kinda gal. I am happiest starting, working on, then finishing one project. That isn’t to say that I sometimes don’t put down a project for another, only to take it up weeks (or months) later. That certainly happens! But my natural state is project monogamy.


Right now I’m luxuriating in knitting a warm sweater. Large chunks of time have been spent sitting, knitting, cozy with a cat (or two!), warm beverage (or two!), the sweater growing in my lap and acting like a little blanket as I work on it. A break to accommodate the risings of bread or simmer of soup.

Blissful. Calm. Slow.

As I rush from event to meeting to project today, I am going to hold in my head and heart my slow hours working on this sweater, and the promise of more to come after the work week is done.


  1. I, too, am a one project at a time person but I have to say that what I’m working on at the moment is not nearly as lovely as this is.

  2. Even though my retired life is much more flexible than your work life, I still relish a couple hours every evening with cats, fire, drink, and handwork–it’s the perfect way to wind down.

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