New Wallet Type Thing

I had noticed that the folded paper wallets I made last year were looking a little worse for wear. The paper was looking beat up, a little dirty, and the one I use most often, the yellow one, was slowly ripping across the top.


I filed it in the back of my mind to do something about soon.

On Friday, I went to Williams-Sonoma to purchase two soufflé dishes so I can make individual shepherd’s pies (amongst other things!) for David and I, and I pulled out my little yellow paper wallet and REALLY saw how unpresentable they have become amongst the gleaming Le Creuset Dutch ovens and sparkling Reidel stemware. I vowed to do something about them immediately!

Luckily I stumbled across this pattern for knitted business card cases. I thought I could just make it a wee bit bigger so I can also fit some folded cash and it would work for a wallet. So, I got knitting! And . . .


(Please excuse the hasty photo in the car — I literally grabbed it from the blocking board, sewed on the button, shoved my cards and money in it, and ran out the door to go on an adventure to the Baltimore Museum of Art!)

I used the leftover yarn I dyed for my Merwif hat, and a vintage button from my magical stash that somehow always produces the right button  for a project (love the way the oxidized copper of the button echoes the yarn colors — and I couldn’t resist sewing the button on with pinkypurpley embroidery floss, as a nod to those pinkypurpley accents in the yarn colors). I pretty much followed the pattern, but I made the triangular flap increase to 25 stitches wide (which made the circular body 50 stitches total) and instead of binding off and sewing, I used a three needle bind off. Oh, and I wet blocked it. In my opinion, there are few knitting projects that do not improve upon a wet block!

I’m so happy I was able to solve my wallet problem with a little yarn, an old button, and a few hours of my time. I also want to thank my paper wallets – almost a year of service from two sheets of paper and some stickers!

And speaking of folded paper, I’m still using the blizzard book I folded for my business cards. Whenever I take one of my cards out from the structure to give to a student, he or she asks me about it, and I wind up getting them interested in taking Book Arts: Structures 🙂 I think I always need to keep my cards in a blizzard book!



  1. I love how you’re default is to seek to make at every opportunity. And how super that your business card holder always starts a conversation!

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