A Complete Focused Effort!

I’m happy to report that I’ve completed one of my Focused Efforts for 2016 — 12 hand towels for the bathroom:


This cutesy arrangement lasted for about three minutes, as I immediately had to take a clean towel out for my daily use 🙂 I will be so happy to not have to do a mid-week load of laundry because I ran out of fresh hand towels.

I also made a Grandmother’s Favorite wash cloth from the extras, with just a little extra beige I had left over from another project.


It feels great to have one of my Focused Efforts accomplished so early in the year! Onward, to the next!


  1. Wow, that was quick but I know how addictive flannel knitting is. My collection is growing. I use both the waffle pattern you use but also a diagonal waffle knit. There is a little something in the post, which includes something to help you with one of your other focused projects for the year. I’m off to to cast on some mitts as the temperature has nose dived and I’ve realised I only have smart unlined gloves.

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