Happy New Hair!

I made a change to my hair this New Year, too! Now that I’m using actual shampoo and conditioner that must be purchased (instead of bar shampoo, which lasts forever, and apple cider vinegar which is pennies a use) I was alarmed at how fast I was going through products because of my long hair. It was also getting to be a pain to dry. I air dry my hair and it was taking most of the day which is terrible when it’s cold out! I will admit quite sheepishly that I was also inspired to cut it after watching the first episode of Season 6 of Downton Abbey. Lady Mary’s bob is amazing this season! I was feeling like I might want to be a bit more flapper-ish and fancy-free.

I did it over two days so I wouldn’t have major regrets — I could always do more, but once it’s off…

My home haircuts are pretty simple to do. I keep my hair dry (easier to make sure you’re not cutting too much). Then, to make the slightly U shape (just a little longer in the back than front) follow this tutorial. I didn’t make the cut very short because I still wanted the option to wear my hair up (and wear my hair accessories I enjoy so much!), although I estimate I cut over 7 inches off. This new length is the best of both worlds for me!

An aside: I know cutting one’s own hair isn’t for everyone, but I like it because it takes so much less time than sitting in a salon, making small talk with a bunch of people, and many times not getting what you really want, not to mention the expense, dye and perm fumes, etc. I did these cuts in about 10 minutes each day in the morning before I went to work! If you are at all interested, poke around the internet — there are a bunch of resources out there that might be close to the cut you want!

Another aside: I have a book on making my own art supplies, and one of the supplies you can make are paint brushes. I saved my cut hair so I can make some with it! How’s that for recycling! If you cut your hair at home, you can also compost it, or leave it outside for the birds to make nests with (I do this with little snips of yarn).

Less resources used, less drying time, and a sassy shorter hair feeling. Happy New Hair!


  1. Very nice! I’ve had my hair in a short bob for years so I approve (and my OH has cut my hair for the last 30 years, thus saving me a fortune – and also some of the planet!)

  2. Well done! I had my long hair cut into a layered bob after years of growing it long, and I am so glad I did. It saves time and shampoo, I can shake my it in to place, and it looks so much better with hat. I don’t have a good enough eye to cut it myself – though I do tidy up my fringe between cuts, – but I do have a very nice hairdresser who is happy to do a simple cut and blow dry without pushing anything else,

  3. You’re braver than I am, to cut your own hair! I went short when I retired and discovered I had quite a lot of curls that had been bogged down by the length I wore my hair before. I’ve never looked back!

    1. I have waves (and frizz, alas!) which come out when there is humidity. I can wear it straight in the winter with the lack of humidity and by smashing it each day with a hat. I love hat hair – it’s the only time my hair behaves!!

  4. I love it… keeping your hair to make paint brushes. You are superb!

    I remember how going for a serious trim can feel great when you’ve had long hair for ages but I can’t wait for length after the months of growing out the dye. But I know what you mean about drying, especially in the winter. I don’t even own a hair dryer so when my locks where bra strap length it took all day too…

    1. I have a blowdryer — but I use it to unfreeze my pipes in the basement 🙂 If the temp goes below 15 we sometimes have trouble.

      I will probably let it grow a little in the spring/summer — easier to put up for hot days! I can still put it up, though, and use hairsticks etc even at this length.

  5. You are a champion! Lady Mary could never survive what you do. My husband has been cutting my hair for 40 years—and I don’t even have to tip him.

    1. I’m glad to hear I’m in good home haircut company!

      Lady Mary has much more experience in other things, though, such as being blackmailed. We all have our strengths! 😉

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