2016: Happy New Year!


Good Morning and Happy New Year!

I’m eager to start off the year with my goals and intentions for Life During Wartime in black and white.   As I explained in my last post, I’ll have 66 clothing coupons for the year, and I won’t be tracking soap or tea coupons. I’ll put my little ration coupon chart at the end of this post as a refresher — remember I accidentally switched Make and Buy, so twirl them around when you read my scribbles!

Additionally, I have some Focused Efforts that I’d like to accomplish this year:


…by the end of 2016 I’d like to have in my cupboards…

– 12 socks

-12 hand towels

for daily use.

I would also like to complete 1 sweater in 2016. 2 would be over the moon amazing!!


I’d like to complete 6 garments. I’m not going to set in stone what they will be to allow myself flexibility, but I would love to make 2 more scout tees and 2 dresses. I would also love to make a simple black summer skirt in linen and a simple black winter skirt in wool. There are also quite a few other projects that have caught my eye, but we will see what I can accomplish with my coupon and time constraints!

I also have two Focused Efforts which do not have to do with ration coupons, but fit in with the overall challenge of trying be the change I want to see in the world:

Amazon — you’ve been given the boot!

Because I work at a university and attend classes, I’ve had access to a free Amazon Prime membership basically since there has been an Amazon Prime! The allure of items appearing like magic in the mail so quickly, access to loads of music and films, and large selections of everything under the sun dazzled me. I kept reading about people boycotting Amazon because of so many reasons (undercutting authors and independent businesses, horrible labor practices in both warehouses and corporate offices, the fact that they have stuck their fingers in every pie — they have even started to offer home repair services and handmade etsy-like shopping — and it goes on and on) but never cancelled my membership — until last month! Amazon, you’re ditched!

I welcome the “inconvenience” of waiting for things, seeking them from alternate sources I can feel good (instead of guilty) purchasing from, and even sometimes missing out because something isn’t available. I am excited about what I will discover, too! I’ve already in the past month subscribed to Acorn TV which offers the British television I like so much. I’ve been going to the art supply store more. I’ve been using the shops in my town more. I’ve found smaller places to get important things that they don’t sell around here (like my eczema shampoo and conditioner!) and have also realized what things aren’t so important after all once I didn’t have free-shipping-click-of-a-button access to them.

I expect some withdrawal pangs from this decision. I keep thinking about how much I loved seeing the adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell on Amazon Prime right after it was shown in the UK and — I’m probably not going to be able to access such things so easily. Pang! I feel a pang!

Even Less Meat

In 2015, one of my goals was the eat less meat. It went very well — I would say we are eating 50% less meat — and I feel ready to take it even further! I’m not sure how to quantify this (I know as soon as I say something like “only eat meat once a week” I’ll rebel!) so I’ll just continue to use less so that I feel the pinch a little until it becomes second nature, as I did last year. I also made it a point to eat vegetarian when I eat with my coworkers. I did eat meat a few times when it was something I loved (I can even remember the two things — a corned beef special and a shepherd’s pie!). It helps me to keep going. this slow evolve is better than what I did before – going vegetarian then vegan only to eventually freak out and eat All The Meat.

This should keep me busy, yes? And doesn’t include all the art making, adventuring, and other stuff I want to do! Here is to trying for a better world, no matter what *clink* !! My third year of rationing, wow 🌟


66 out of 66




  1. I love how you have not only embraced your challenges but are thriving on them. The key take-aways for me in my three years of rationing have been the joy of making, delight in living with less or the fun of finding different ways to achieve the same end.

    Happy new challenge year and well done on ditching Amazon!

    1. Happy New Year, Meg!

      I am now finding out how many companies Amazon owns — even my beloved Abe books. You get the books from individual independent booksellers and most are used — but Amazon still makes something as the owner. I also discovered my go to place for ordering Woody and Midnight’s special food is, yes, owned by Amazon. This will definitely be a year long unentanglement!

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