2015: The Best of times, the worst of times


The calendar year of 2015 is coming to a close. It was a great year in many ways. I made lots of things that I love. If I had to list a top three, it would be my garter yoke sweater (I pretty much live in it!), my rayon Scout tee (I lived in it this summer, and it’s the first sewn item I’m entirely proud of. French seams!), and my Byatt shawl (so beautiful, so useful! It elevates every outfit it comes into contact with, and it keeps me warm). I learned a ton about so many things, but I’m especially elated over my book arts learning this year, and of course chuffed that my work was in a show. I had lots of pleasurable times (wild ponies!). We took in Midnight kitty, and I’m happy to report he’s doing so well and Woody cat loves him more than I ever hoped. The playing! The cuddling! The kissing!

I more or less successfully kept to my ration book — here’s the finally tally:


Clothing: 0 out of 66

Soap: 0 out of 12

Tea: 4 out of 30

I say more or less because I did use some of my tea coupons to support overages on clothing and toiletries.

I scrolled though the past year of this blog, and was pleased to see that I didn’t purchase much new clothing. I was doing great with my toiletry coupons until eczema cropped up! My tea spending is under control, but using the extras as margarine coupons was not a good feeling to tell the truth. It was handy to have them, but I want to do better next year. It’s important that I do because things are getting serious. Have probably been serious for quite awhile.

Thoughts about climate change always send me to a state nearing a panic attack, but this last week of wearing short sleeves at the end of December with my windows open, buds growing on the trees and the petunias on my porch sprouting green leaves as I hear about extreme weather event after extreme weather event around the world has me deeply, deeply troubled. Things are not changing — things have changed. You KNOW I will be rationing again next year. I am going to nix the tea coupons (don’t need to monitor these any more) and toiletry coupons (I have very little flexibility over what I can presently use on my skin) and use my 66 clothing coupons (and everything, really) very, very carefully.

I’ve reset my coupon counter for 2016. I’m taking a deep breath. I’m scared, you guys, really and truly anxious. But I’m going to try and harness it and Use it. Let it be the fuel for another year of making, conserving, stretching, learning, enjoying, loving.


  1. I relate to all your feelings of anxiety and unease about the weather–it’s very scary. You did have a good year of doing your part, though! Did you give up drinking tea? Is that why you don’t need those coupons anymore? And I am very happy to hear that your cats have reached detente, and more!

    1. I still drink tea, but like a regular person who buys tea, drinks it up, then buys more 🙂 I was overbuying — to be fair I was getting my tea legs and figuring out the varieties I like — but tea doesn’t keep like other collections. To give you an idea of how excessive I was, after two years of rationing I still have an entire shelf in my kitchen devoted to tea, and an entire drawer in my desk at work. This is with both my husband and I drinking tea daily!

      If you already haven’t gone down the specialty tea wormhole, some context:




      If I wasn’t so worried about the environment, I could have a relapse instantly!

  2. Climate change is very scary. But it gives me hope that you and I and so many other people around the word are making a concerted effort to change things for the better.
    (And I love that photo of your cats!)

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