Pure Indulgence

…and for very near my last coupons for the year, I blissfully indulged.



I purchased Susan Branch‘s Organic Private Blend tea, with the lovely tin with her art on it.



It’s beautiful with the flower petals,


and so delicious. I’ve had three cups today.

Excellent tea, the perfect amount of Earl Grey, a distinct floral taste on the end of the sip, and organic. I drink it sans additions and it tastes wonderful this way. No milk, sugar, lemon, etc. is necessary in my opinion. You can also resteep your leaves happily.

I think I’ve found my new favorite Earl Grey!

(The tea came in a 6 oz paper bag inside the tin. 2 oz tea = 1 coupon, so this equals 3 coupons)


Clothing: 0 out of 66
Soap: 0 out of 12
Tea: 4 out of 30

One comment

  1. That looks like a true treat! The type of treat you only really get to appreciate with a life of restraint. And what a gorgeous tin too. I suspect that will tell many a tale in years to come.

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