Margarine Coupons

During WWII, unused margarine coupons were used for clothing. I’m bringing that back!

See, I only have one winter nightgown. For my second one, I was using David’s winter nightshirt. Well, it’s an awfully warm and comfy thing, and David asked for it back. This left me with only one winter nightgown — which means that when it needed to be washed then air-dried (as I do with my clothing to make it last longer), I was nightgownless! So, I got out those margarine coupons, aka my tea coupons. Remember, using coupons from other categories means that the cost gets doubled!

Let me present to you my 12 (!) coupon nightgown! Purchased nightgowns are 6 coupons.


Mine is a dark cranberry color, though. It’s from L.L. Bean, and it’s real hotsy totsy, huh? 😉 Seriously, I love these flannel nightgowns — looking like I have sprung from the pages of one of the Little House on the Prairie books is a Good Thing in my opinion! The pin tucks, ticked fabric, and just above ankle length let me live out my pioneer love within the privacy of my own home (and porch. My neighbors have seen me looking real colonial as I put things into the recycling bin). So soft. So warm. So comfortable. I wore it for the first time this morning after a bath and it was nice in every way. A great use for my tea coupons which I have barely used this year.


Clothing: 0 out of 66
Soap: 7 out of 12
Tea: 13 out of 30


  1. I love your “marge” nightie. As my coupons are running low, I’m hoping Father Christmas will oblige with a nightdress too. Flannel of course, and preferably a tartan print. Oh, and yes, the neighbours get to see my domestic elegance too as I have been known to pop out to the garden to check on my veg in my nightie 😉

  2. Excellent choice! I have one of their flannel gowns from 1997 and it’s getting frayed but I’ve worn it hundreds of times.

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