Festival of Repair

Have you heard about the Festival of Repair going on this month? I have found I’m terrible at joining things (I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel… 😉 but consider me joined in spirit to this event!

I’ve mended two things recently which will make all of the difference in allowing me to keep to my ration coupons this year: my summer nightgowns. I have two summer nightgowns, and of course they both got holes within weeks of each other. Both are several years old and I wear them constantly. All summer, one is on, and the other is in the wash pretty much (I do the same thing with two flannel ones in the winter).

My woven cotton one got a big rip under the arm! I couldn’t darn it, but rather had to get some additional material (gleaned from a bed sheet that had torn) to make a patch. I wasn’t too worried about getting matching fabric since it’s under my arm, and a garment only worn in the house to sleep (ok, ok, there are those days where nothing is more appealing than staying in your nightgown — but those are few and far between).

It ain’t pretty, but it’s been holding up just fine over the last weeks:



Then, my other nightgown got a hole on the sheer part above the chest area. Sheer material is tricky, so I tried to darn it much like I would a sock. If this was something I wore outside, I would put an appliqué over it, but it’s fine for sleeping.


If I had to replace these two nightgowns, it would have cost me 12 coupons — much too much when I only have 12 left! Plus, 90% of each nightgown is perfectly fine, and still does the job 100%. When you look at it that way, it would be unconscionable replace it so early!

I say, let’s bring back the mending basket!

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  1. This made me laugh. I recently did a very haphazard but serviceable repair to my ancient plaid flannel bathrobe! I do like the idea of mending and keeping much better than buying new!

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