Try, Try Again


I have this … hair paste, for a lack of a better way to describe, that works fantastically. I have no intention of buying it ever again.

It smooths down those little frizzies that are inevitable when you have a nest such as mine, and keeps them down. I’ve been nursing my container over the last 3 (!) years because

a) The jar is plastic,

b) despite it’s “natural” label, has a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients and,

c) I found out that the company tests on animals.

I’m actually pretty mad at my three years ago self that I bought the darn jar, mindlessly being seduced by that word natural. But I know better now, right?

Anyway, I’ve been trying different things since then to use for this purpose, all with varying degrees of success. I tried many different oils — even the “dry” oils read a little too greasy. The body butter I make was better, and the body butter I made last with beeswax was even better than that, but still wasn’t heavy enough — I had less, but shiny frizz 🙂

About a month ago I was making neat my bathroom drawers and came upon my jar of shea butter. I opened it to check on how much I had left (it’s a key component in my body butter) and a lightbulb went off — Hey, this is such a similar consistency to the hair paste I love and hate! I tried it, and wow. It’s perfect. It has the heft I was after and is not greasy at all.

It did smell a little too  — shea buttery — for my taste. It’s not exactly a bad smell, and disappears in a moment. Nutty tar? But since I had some essential oils handy I put a few drops of lavender and rosemary in the glass jar. They are both good for hair and smell lovely together.

This little story is not to tell you about how you should put pure shea butter on your hair (unless you have an insane nest like me — then I highly recommend it!). Rather, it’s a tale about how you should try, try again, until you hit upon the right thing. We don’t need to support companies that try to obfuscate their chemicals and shenanigans with green plastic containers and the word natural. We also do not need to be a frizzy hot mess! There are principled solutions out there if we keep looking.

Hooray for a happy ending!


  1. Glad you found a fragrant solution and didn’t have to resort to the wartime trick of combing a little beer through the hair to restrain frizz…

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