Half Way


I woke up this morning realizing that it was already July 7, and it didn’t even dawn on me that another quarter of the ration has passed. This year’s challenge is half done, and I’ve been rationing clothing, toiletries, and tea for 1 year and 6 months. My coupon amounts haven’t changed from the last time I posted them 2 months ago. To review:


Clothing: 33 out of 66
Soap: 8 out of 12
Tea: 27 out of 30

Just exactly half of my clothing coupons are left, and I still have loads of soap and tea coupons. I believe this is going to change soon as July is my birthday month, and I have plans to purchase yarn, perfume, and tea, hitting all of my coupon categories. No hand wringing — the coupons are there and I have well thought out purchases in mind.

The other reason it hasn’t dawned on me is that I’m in the middle of a bunch of days off, and I’ve taken my “I need winter hats!” proclamation very seriously. I have knitted myself 5 new hats from yarn already in my stash, did something to remake/revitalize three of my already knit hats with items I already had, have a hat on the needles, and am cooking up a dyepot of turmeric and tea to dye yarn for another hat as I type (see photo — what a color! When it interacts with wool it usually dyes a mustard yellow. So curious how this will come out). I’m not sure when this will end, as I have a few more hat patterns that I fell in love with and want to make, and I’m enjoying the process so much! I wear a hat every day from early fall to late spring, so it will be such a joy to select from a variety of hand-made ones come fall. I’ve also had lots of fun matching these newly made hats up with my already existing scarves and shawls — it’s like playing dress up for knitters!

Gotta run —  my dyebath needs to come off the stove. Happy Half Way!


    1. Last year I found the tea coupons hard, but this year I really am finding things easy and natural. I’m also supremely lucky that I have good sources for used clothes and love to make things — both for their usefulness & for how enjoyable I find the process. I also really do prefer a small, thoughtful closet of clothes and stuff like my home made body butter over a packed fast fashion wardrobe and millions of plastic bottles full of questionable lotions and potions. I paradoxically am enjoying a better quality life on the ration I believe!

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