Making Me Made May Mine

I love the idea of Me Made May — celebrating self-made clothing is a wonderful thing! But, as you can tell from this blog, I’m also interested in other things people make. Self-care items, art, food, gardens — pretty much anything and everything a soul could create instead of buy. So, I am going to participate in this challenge, but with a twist: report all (or at least what I remember!) made items each day (with me, it will probably be every couple of days mushed together — but I’ll do my best!). I will also be at least a day behind because you don’t know everything  you’ve made until you have shut your eyes for the night!

The purpose of this challenge is two-fold: I’d like to see what kind of things I have made and how I use them on a daily basis, and for me to take a look at the things I don’t make, and ponder how I might be able to work making them into my life.

Happy My Me Made May πŸ™‚

Friday, May 1: 

+ I made a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting for my coworker’s baby shower party! She is craving chocolate big time, and I wanted to make the frosting pink without using food coloring — jam works perfectly (and is so delicious). One of my favorite ways to spend a morning is to get up with the birds and bake a cake or bread. Everyone enjoyed it, and I even got to bring a piece home to my husband πŸ™‚

Although I make things during my work day, I plan to leave those out of this tally. Not only for privacy reasons, but because I get paid to create these things for the university, and not for my own use. So!

Saturday, May 2:

Ah, Saturday! 

+ Wearing my hand knit footie socks (with yoga pants and a t-shirt, and hope to not have to get changed til Monday morning!). 

+ I have a hair tie in my hair I made from a pair of opaque tights that got too holey to wear: just use the legs to cut off rings of stocking. They do not pull your hair and are easy to use. You’ll never have to buy another hair tie again!

+ I made the first part of home made bagels. Basically, you make a sponge, then the dough, then you shape them, then they have a slow rise in the refrigerator overnight (that’s the part I did this day). The next day you boil then bake them. 

+ I also made a green onion cream cheese to go with — soften your cream cheese, chop a bunch of green onion, combine — add a splash of milk for ease of combination. I also like to grind black pepper into it. I use the food processor to make it light and whipped but you can certainly do this by hand. No preservatives like the kind you buy in the store! No plastic container, either!

+ I made burritos for lunch. I won’t report every meal because I make the majority of them. We only eat out if we are out for long periods of time and didn’t pack a picnic (plus we’ve gotten into this little tradition on my late school nights of picking up sandwiches so we can talk and relax instead of make meals so late in the day). I’ll only report some of the meals — but making meals is very important to me on many levels — financial, environmental, sufficiency…

+ I made a sunflower bed in the garden (dug the bed last week, but planted the seeds this day) and planted pansy and johnny jump up seeds in a planter on my porch. I already saw loads of birds in the sunflower patch which made me glad I planted extra seeds.

Four seeds in a row, 

one for the rook,

one for the crow,

one will wiher and one will grow. 

It may work out that they eat them all. Then I’ll plant something else and consider my seed purchase a donation to Seed Savers Exchange and Very Expensive Bird Food. What can you do?

+ I worked on the Purl Bee Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf. I (of course – heh) am making my own interpretation. It will be a little over 6 ft when done — I tried wrapping it around my neck in its half-finished state and I really like the way the stripes show themselves and overlap and mix. I hope to have enough yarn left to make the Purl Beret to go with! 

+ I made pizza for dinner! One was a broccoli rabe and garlic white one, and the other was red with minced onion, green pepper, and kalamata olives. Half of the red one is left over, so my husband will have a nice lunch one day this week (he works from home so I try to make sure he has something yummy and easy to prepare as he often works through lunch). I also made the dough for this last weekend, and we wound up going out for the day. When I got home, I froze it, then took it out in the morning to defrost. It came out perfect! Yet another way to make home made bread work in your life. Another time I got too busy to make pizza but already made the dough, so I made foccacia — just press it into a jelly roll pan with lots of olive oil, topped with whatever your like (I used minced onion and sesame seeds). Delicious.

+ Most nights I read until sleep. In my opinion, reading is not only supremely enjoyable, but reading good books is a way to make meaning — in your life, with other lives, with language. I don’t consider reading a passive state, but an active making-state when done this way. Reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel presently. What an education about human nature (and words, words, words).


  1. This was such fun to read–when you start really thinking about the ways and means of making, you can feel so good about how you’re taking things, literally, into you own hands!

  2. I love how you are expanding Me Made May, not just to celebrate the many things you make but also to get a perspective on what you don’t (yet) make.

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