Sympathetic Magic

We are now in March, and I’ve finally added some coupon-using clothing to my wardrobe. I have to go to a conference on Friday, so I ordered a spring/summer black dress from L.L. Bean (7 coupons), and a cheerful pink cotton and cashmere cardigan  (5 coupons), also from L.L.Bean. I had it all planned — I was going to wear them together with my multicolored silk flowery scarf that used to be a skirt and through sympathetic magic, bring spring to America!

Alas, we’re getting another 8 inches of snow on Thursday and the temperature is going to be below freezing on Friday, so I will most likely be in my winter black dress (with boots!), and not this new one. I can still wear this happy cardigan over it, but with my winter coat, too. I do have a large woven wool floral scarf that I got years ago from a local thrift. It’s a little chancy to wear this, though, as it may scream “Russian winter!” rather than “American spring!”

We’ll see — I may still be able to invoke spring whilst keeping warm in winter’s last gasp. If next week is sunny and in the 50’s, you’ll know it worked and I did it 😉

image: Spring, Vanessa Bell ❤


  1. Another eight inches… Lord! The temperature swings are obviously more dramatic where you are. I can get away with just the one black dress, pretty similar in style to your new one, that works all year round, with the appropriate layers of course. It is destined to become a skirt mind as the top is virtually worn through and I am now on the look out for another similar black dress.

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