“Turn of the lights so we can see…”

Here is a family who spends time all over the past — right now they are in 1935. I love reading about their experiments for so many reasons, but this post resonated for me especially because Meg and I were conversing in the comments of my last post about not wanting to create the past for the sake of the past. This family gives some very compelling reasons why going back is fruitful and enriching. When I read these words I recognized the feeling written about so well. Yes, exactly. Thank you for articulating this so well.

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  1. Thanks for flagging this up. I think the title captures so much. I certainly feel as if I could use a few electricity free/oil lamp evenings to catch up with lots of mundane maintenance jobs, like sanding down my seed labels, carrying out a seed inventory and catching up on real correspondence. Being permanently lit up and wired means jobs equated with ‘greater productivity’ get prioritised over simple housekeeping tasks.

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