I’ve made it 45 years on this green earth without knowing how to properly use a hair stick. I thought you just poked them in your bun! But once I saw this video, I couldn’t stop thinking about twirling hair sticks in my nest of hair! I think they look so elegant.

Problem was, I didn’t have any hair sticks. Most of the ones I saw in stores were plastic, which I didn’t want. I found some really nice wood ones online, but then my searches led me to people talking about using knitting needles for hair sticks. I remembered I had 5 size 5 bamboo DPNs that I never used because they were so short and my brain started spinning. Pretty soon I was searching through my magpie pack rat bead boxes and getting out the glue and … these hair sticks were born!


They work great and they are very comfortable.


I am wearing one today (which reminded me to show them to you!) and my hair has remained presentable throughout a busy day of not only my usual stuff, but spending a few hours manning a table at the Graduation Fair at the university I work at. A stick and one hair pin! I know it’s not rocket science but I find it thrilling nonetheless. Maybe someday I’ll find a gorgeous old wood hair stick when I’m out and about, but in the meantime, these repurposed knitting needles with beads I scrounged from my bead box are keeping my hair neat with a bit of flair.



  1. I love hair sticks but don’t have any unique ones like yours. Your head looks very sophisticated with the salt & pepper French knot! I am having to dispense with hair paraphernalia for a bit as I’m going with a shorter and shorter bob until my hair dye grows out. Three months in and I love the white shots at my temples. I think the final result will look rather elegant.

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