Just a quick note to say hello! I’ve not stopped to write here because I’m in a (good, positive) whirlwind of making and doing! Work is humming, home life is humming (we had to install a diverter on our sump pump, and now need to seal our basement wall — we meaning my husband and I, not a contractor!), my class is humming (I need to make 12 books by Monday! Above are some 1 sheet folded books we made in class), my other creative endeavors are humming (I made another skirt! I made five hair sticks! I started Byatt! and I haven’t even gotten a chance to show you the scarf, shawl, and hat I finished. Everything from materials I had on hand), and my reading life is humming. Notice I didn’t say busy. Humming evokes “briskly active” and “pleasantly active” and that is how things are feeling these days. I like.

One thing that isn’t humming is the spending of coupons! I’ve haven’t spent any since my last reports of the two tea coupons and one soap coupon. That I also like.

More soon! I just didn’t want too much time to go by without saying hi 🙂


  1. Humming… I love that! Like a busy bee going about its heady nectar-laden being and also like the gentle hum of the potter’s wheel…

    I’m curious to see what colours/yarn you are using for the Byatt!

    1. I had kettle dyed sock yarn in my stash remarkably similar to the colors used! My blue is a bit darker but when I held it next to my copy of Byatt’s The Children’s Book it was quite similar to the blue of the cover! The antiquey goldy browny color looks pretty spot on. I was so pleased to have what I needed already 🙂

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