Print Sedition

A few days after my mother died, I got a kind email from a friend in the Fine Arts program where I work. She said that now is a good time to become a student again, and why don’t we take a class at the Univeristy we work at together. I know this friend is very wise, as she is the person who taught me how to knit the very first week of my working time here, coming up on 15 years ago!

I said, “Yes!”

We are taking a Book Arts: Structures course –

Historical book forms serve as models and as a departure point for innovative new work. Among the new structures presented are accordion bindings and variations, pop-ups, carousel books, tunnel books, and box structures. Students are encouraged to explore new applications and to experiment by combining images and text with book structures.

I’m really excited about combining my love of writing and the printed word with my love of making images and objects. I made a hand illustrated, written, and bound book for one of my education classes, and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. To be able to control every step of your creation — not only the words and images but the kind of paper you use, the actual stitching together of the book, the way the reader will open and go through your work — it’s heady stuff.

I have an idea for a book  — it would be called the Avant Gardener and show/tell some of the strange but practical and sort of funny gardening things I do in a comical/serious fashion. When I told Lisa about the idea, she commented that the theme of gardening is perfect because it fits so well into the idea of sequencing and things moving (turning the page) from one state (page) into another state (the next page). Ooooooh. I can also see beautiful and useful and philosophical pamphlets on how to make bread, darn a sock — you get the idea 🙂

Remember that Make Something Month list I reblogged back in December? One of the items on the list was Print Sedition. I got chills up my spine every time I saw those words on the list — it was something I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to get started. Well, now I know.



  1. That course sounds absolutely perfect! It’s the sort of thing that would appeal to me, too, for the reasons you say–words, craftsmanship, beauty, meaning–heady stuff, indeed!

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